EOS Prediction: Should We Expect a New Gush or a Situation That’s More Realistic?

EOS Prediction

EOS was once considered one of the best potential coins to hold in the crypto space. In fact, it was at one time nicknamed the Ethereum Killer. However, EOS has fallen far behind the pecking order, with a coin once sold for $22 now selling for $4, whereas it was expected to capitalize on its success. 

What does the future hold then? Is the current decline temporary, or is $3.80 to $4.50 the new EOS reality?

This article covers the basics of this crypto and shortlists predictions from trustworthy platforms to help investors figure out their next lines of action.

What Is EOS?

EOS is an altcoin that started as an ICO on the Ethereum ecosystem. It has since become a coin on its own, with its creators targeting easier, faster processing in the development of smart contracts and decentralized apps (DAPPs).

The Ethereum Killer 

For some time after its launch, EOS was christened the Ethereum Killer due to the potential it showed. It was the future of alts, and no one saw anything wrong when it was earmarked as the coin to put ETH out of business. 

Unfortunately — for some parties — there could not have been a more wrong prediction. And while there are hopes that EOS features may be recognized and appreciated more in the future, the present isn’t very encouraging.

Short-term EOS Price Predictions for 2021

  • Digital Coin Price: DCP sees a nonlinear price trend for EOS this year, and it appears they have very accurate predictions. Their forecasts see EOS at $5.11 in May, and this already looks achievable, as the coin is worth $4.12 now. The platform predicts a pendulum swinging between $5.86 and $6.02 in the last quarter of the year.
  • Wallet Investor: Much like DCP, WI foresees an upward projection in the first half of the year, but it is the second half that may worry investors. WI’s prediction is bearish: it expects EOS to fall as low as $1 in the closing months of 2021.
  • PrimeXBT: XBT has good news for the short-term investor who buys EOS now and holds it until September/October. The platform predicts that EOS will reach a remarkable $15.71 at the end of 2021.

Long-term EOS Price Predictions for 2021

  • TradingBeasts: If you’re worried about EOS losing value after this year, TB suggests that you can relax. They expect EOS to maintain value across the year, although the expectation is just $3.
  • Digital Coin Price: DCP suggests that TradingBeasts may be too cautious in its approach. The experts here forecast a $7.88 price for EOS in 2022, implying that they expect it to build up, closing 2021 at $5.95.

Based on this realistic EOS price prediction and the ones above, you can make a decision to buy or sell this coin, and the following tool will come in handy in this.

Steps to Convert ETH to EOS

The conversion of ETH to EOS has to be completed on a trusted site, say Godex.io. The steps to follow are:

  • Select the two coins to exchange.
  • Make your deposit.
  • Wait, so the system detects your payment.
  • Withdraw to your preferred wallet.

Final Chords

It is apparent that an investor cannot make a decision based solely on the predictions of experts. However, it is obvious that EOS promises growth. Experts advise not to expect a huge sum of profits when trading the coin, but they expect it to remain valuable in circulation.

Meanwhile, it is advisable to be ready to make investment decisions at all times. EOS is, after all, relatively new and still undergoing assessment. So, should at any time you need to exchange your EOS for any coin, Godex.io can do it quickly. 


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