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How To Avoid The Spread Of Germs in Nursing Homes




The importance of administering the best practices in medicine and healthcare at hospitals and nursing homes cannot be stressed enough.

According to a recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), hand hygiene and other IPC (infection prevention and control) protocols can prevent up to 70% of infections in hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare settings replete with patients recovering from illnesses.

As a nursing home administrator, there are very simple yet effective steps you can take to prevent the spread of germs that can cause diseases and protect the health and safety of your patients and staff.

Below are some of them:

  • Promote Hand Hygiene – Washing hands with soap and water is by far the most effective way to keep germs from spreading. It is a good idea to install Dettol No Touch Handwash systems in all restrooms and washing areas in your nursing home. It is an excellent idea to promote handwashing with informative posters and creatives. The use of Dettol Clinical Strength Antibacterial Hand Rub before and after handling patients is the right way to keep away infection-causing germs.

  • Floor Cleaning and Disinfection – In most places with high footfall, like hospitals and nursing homes, floors attract a great deal of dirt, dust, spills, and germs. Using a high-quality floor cleaner like Lizol will provide spotless cleaning and complete disinfection without spending much time or effort. Apart from cleaning, the floor must also be sanitised to curb the spread of germs.
  • Surface Sanitisation – Hospitals and nursing homes risk cross-contamination because of infected surfaces. Walls, sinks, tiles, countertops, granite slabs, and stainless-steel fittings are all conduits that fester germs, only to be picked up by anyone who touches them. Sanitising these surfaces with dilute Lizol is the perfect way to clean and germ-free.
  • Focus On The Toilet – The dark and damp environment of toilets fester bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These are also the places where most people in nursing homes pick up infections. Cleaning toilets with a strong cleaner like Harpic will remove all these pathogens from the rim to U-bend and also leave the toilet bowl clean and shiny.
  • Antiseptic And More – One of the most important aspects of healthcare involves disinfecting all the sheets, gowns, towels, and linen used in nursing homes. Adding Dettol antiseptic liquid to the spin cycle of the laundry will help disinfect the articles of clothing and linen that are used, helping protect patients and healthcare personnel.

Dettol Pro Services

The Dettol Pro Services website is designed to help nursing home administrators plan the procurement of cleaning and sanitation supplies. The expert from the site helps procure the perfect quantity to keep operations running seamlessly without the need to worry about storage space.

Ordering your industry-specific basket through the site can help you avail of discounts of up to 40% on the Dettol liquid price and all Dettol products. You can save more by placing your product basket order for 12 months. The Dettol Pro Services also helps nursing home administrators with industry insights and training the housekeeping staff.


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