How To Create A Professional Profile On LinkedIn?

How To Create A Professional Profile On LinkedIn?

Nowadays, having a LinkedIn profile is not a choice, it’s a need. From students to recruiters, employees to companies, every professional has a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is not a just social media platform that professionals use. It’s a platform that helps to find a job, allows you to chat and connect with others, and also showcases your resume online. So, in short, it’s an all-in-one platform. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, make one right now; it’s not too late! To create a professional profile, you can either hire someone – there are many LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India – or you can write it yourself, it’s not that difficult.

Here are some points to remember while creating a LinkedIn profile.

  1. Professional-looking Profile Picture

You must use a profile picture in which your face is clearly visible. Don’t use pictures where you are not looking in the camera. Try to use a solo picture and avoid using a group picture. It’s not Instagram, so use a decent professional-looking picture with a plain and simple background.

  1. Must Use Background Picture

Many people don’t use background pictures but it’s not a good habit. Some people use some random image as their background image but it would be better if you use an image personally created for you. It will make your profile stand out. You can use a background image to show your contact details or some achievement.

  1. Write A Proper Headline And Summary

Headline and summary are more than just words. It must be something that defines you. So, try to be more creative. The headline can be more than just a job title. You can use a headline that will attract people to your profile. Writing a summary is usually a tricky part for people, so they end up hiring someone to create a profile for them. You can also find such a LinkedIn Profile Writing Service in India too. But if you don’t want to hire somebody then you can write it on your own. Try a summary that defines you, that tells a person about who you are and what skills you possess.

  1. Create A Public URL

It’s an important portion in creating a Linkedin profile, but usually, people don’t carry out this step because they are not aware of it. Linkedin provides this incredible feature where you can create your own Linkedin profile URL. Now again, try to be professional here too. Mostly use your name as your profile URL so that you don’t end up using something like There is no need to be creative here. It’s an important step, so we suggest you should avoid skipping this step. Because if your name is pretty common, then it would be quite difficult to find you on LinkedIn and the default URL could be pretty long. So, it’s better to create a URL that defines your profile alone.

  1. List Your Skills

In this step, you have to mention your skills. Ensure that you mention relevant skills that are true and genuine. For example, if you belong to a computer science background, then you can mention the languages that you know. Skill mentioned by you will help recruiters find you if you fit in their criteria. So, it’s necessary to mention the skills.

  1. Show Your Passion For Learning

You can show your passion for learning by adding certificates of courses you complete. You can add certificates that you earned from platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, etc. So, add your course certificates to your profile and show others that you are interested in learning and have a passion for it.

  1. Let The Recruiter Know That You Are Open To Work

Let the recruiter know that you are open to work. Add your career interest as well that mentions what kind of work you are looking for. This will help a recruiter to land on your profile and contact you if they have an opening you are looking for.

  1. Add Your Qualifications

Adding your qualifications is important. You can add all the degrees you have completed. While mentioning your qualification, you can also add your grade if you had a decent one. It will create a nice impression.

  1. Add Work Experience

Adding your work experience is as important as adding your qualifications. Add all kinds of work experience you have. An employment gap is not a good thing, so it’s better to add all the work experience you have.

  1. Build A Network

Building a network is quite important. It’s not mandatory to have 500+ connections but it’s also not good to have too few connections. So, try building a network with a decent number of people. It’s not Instagram and Facebook where it’s advisable you connect with only those people you know, rather you can connect with those people as well who you don’t know but are related to your field. A good network will always help you so don’t be shy and connect with people. LinkedIn is a platform where the more time you spend, the more you will gain. LinkedIn profiles are very important in the professional world. For applying for an internship or job, a LinkedIn profile is mandatory. Therefore, some people prefer to hire professionals that can build a perfect LinkedIn profile.

Wrapping Up

There are many LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India too. So, it’s all up to you whether you want to hire a professional or you want to create your own profile. The only thing important here is having a LinkedIn profile that is well-organized and contains all the relevant details. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, then hurry up and build a profile right now! All the necessary details are explained above, so it won’t be much of a problem.


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