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How to Create Eye-Catching Signage for Corporate Events




When it comes to corporate events, you can truly make a big impact with your signage. Eye-catching signage doesn’t just guide attendees but it  also sets the tone, reinforces your brand, and creates memorable moments. It shows your guests that you are passionate about your company and you have put effort into each detail. Whether you’re hosting a conference, seminar, or product launch, nailing your signage game is a must. Let’s have a look on how to create signage that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Create a Welcoming Entrance Sign

First impressions matter, and your entrance sign is the curtain raiser for your event. Design a bold, captivating office signage that embodies your event’s theme and brand. Consider incorporating your company’s logo and colours to create a sense of familiarity. Lighting tricks, 3D elements, or even projection mapping can make your entrance sign truly stand out.

Focus on Clear Directional Signage

Nobody likes getting lost in a maze of corridors. Make sure your event space is well-laid-out with directional signage that’s easy to spot. Large, well-placed arrows, clearly labelled room names, and even floor decals can guide attendees smoothly to different areas. Use a consistent design theme for all your directional signs to maintain a cohesive look.

Use Speaker Profile Signs

Your guest speakers deserve the spotlight, and profile signs can help you do just that. Design visually appealing signs that include the speaker’s name, photo, and a brief bio. Incorporate the event theme and colours to tie everything together. Consider interactive QR codes that link to the speaker’s online profile for additional engagement.

Create Instagrammable Moments

In the age of social media, creating Instagram-worthy moments is a must. Design signage that encourages attendees to snap photos and share them online. Incorporate catchy slogans, puns, or even pop culture references that align with your event’s message. Don’t forget to add event-specific hashtags to boost online visibility.

Showcase Sponsors Creatively

Sponsors play a big role in corporate events, so should consider showcasing them creatively. Design sponsor signage that’s both eye-catching and aligns with the event’s aesthetic. Consider creating a sponsor wall with logos arranged in an artistic pattern. Interactive elements like touch-activated screens can provide additional information about each sponsor.

Showcase Event Highlights with Feature Boards

Feature boards are like visual highlights of your event’s key attractions. Design boards that showcase session schedules, keynote speakers, entertainment acts, and more. Incorporate striking visuals and typography to make each feature pop. This not only informs attendees but also generates excitement about what’s in store.

Create Brand Awareness with Banners

Step-and-repeat banners are a classic choice for corporate events, and for good reason. These branded backdrops not only provide an excellent photo opportunity but also reinforce your brand’s identity. Choose a design that incorporates your logo, event hashtag, and perhaps even some event-specific graphics.

Utilize Digital Signage 

Digital signage is a versatile tool that can display dynamic content in real-time. Use it to showcase live social media feeds, event highlights, countdowns, and even interactive games. Digital signage can be a game-changer, adding a modern and futuristic touch to your event’s ambiance.


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