How to Use a VPN to Watch Netflix From Other Countries

How to Use a VPN to Watch Netflix From Other Countries

You have probably heard about VPN for streaming services and wonder how it works. Frankly, it all depends on the service provider. So, your first job is to find a VPN service provider that offers services to people in your country and lets you stream Netflix from other countries. Do this, and you are halfway towards being able to use VPN to watch Netflix from other countries.

Why Watch Netflix in Other Countries?

You do not have to watch Netflix in other countries, you can watch what is on offer in your country, but some people feel that the variety of programming is better in the USA than in other countries. Plus, many overseas Netflix subscriptions feature country-specific shows that cannot be found in other countries. Here are a few reasons why you may want to watch Netflix streams from other countries.

  • The other country’s stream may have a movie that you want
  • There may be interesting TV shows in other countries
  • You can access versions of shows in other languages
  • See the parts of movies that are cut out in your version of Netflix
  • Some shows can only be shown in certain countries

Of course, there is always the option of not using Netflix and using another streaming service, but let’s say that you have VPN services for other reasons. You have a Netflix account in your own country, you could always go look at other country’s Netflix streams out of interest. Some VPN services offer very varied streaming services benefits, so even if you are not a streaming fan, it may be worth a look at other streaming services in other countries out of sheer curiosity.

Watching Another Country’s Netflix

Sign up for Netflix in your own country. You can do it through the Netflix channels, or through naughtier channels if you wish. Open up your VPN service and pick the country that has the Netflix shows you want to watch.  Let’s say that you want to watch Netflix in Ireland. So, use your VPN service and pick a server in Ireland. Then, open up your Netflix app, and you should see content from Ireland.

If it doesn’t work, try stopping your Netflix app completely. Restart your Netflix account again to see if it works this time. If it doesn’t work, turn off your Netflix app again, and then pick another Irish server from your VPN service. Then, try your Netflix app again to see if you can get the Irish version of Netflix.

Keep in mind that some countries do not have a version of Netflix, and some versions are very similar. For example, in the United Kingdom and USA, what you see is pretty similar. There are a few UK original shows on UK Netflix like the original version of the Office. And there are shows like Real Housewives that are only shown in the USA. Nevertheless, if you have trouble connecting to a foreign Netflix, just try another server until you hit one that receives the version of Netflix streaming that you desire.

It Is Not Just Netflix When it Comes to Streaming

In 2021, the amazing four-hour movie “Justice League the Snyder Cut” came out. It was amazing, but people in the UK, Australia, and Europe couldn’t watch it when it first came out. In the USA, people were using their HBO Max accounts, but these services are not available in places like the UK, Europe, and Australia. Desperate to watch the movie, people were using VPN services to watch HBO Max from their home countries.

Over time, the Snyder cut was seen on other streaming platforms, and satellite TV, but the people outside the USA had a really hard time watching the movie legitimately. This was a massive shame since many of them had to use torrent websites to watch the show when they would have happily paid to watch it. Yet, thanks to VPN services, not only were people able to watch the Snyder cut in other countries, but they were also able to contribute to its massive financial success. VPN services allowed people to pay to watch the movie, which in this case was preferable because people wanted to support its success with the hopes more Snyderverse movies may be green-lit. VPN allowed this to happen, and too few people are talking about how transformative this may be, especially since movie theaters may be a thing of the past.

Are There Added Benefits to Multi-Country Netflix Watching?

With the #CancelNetflix trend repeatedly resurfacing, people are taking a hard look at their Netflix subscriptions and asking if it is worth it. If you have VPN services, and you can watch Netflix from other countries, then one could say you are getting more for your money. However, one could rightfully say you are “Getting what you paid for.” Netflix has these programs on their network, but for some reason they keep cycling movies and TV shows off their network, often replacing them with low-quality Netflix originals.

Sometimes the shows/movies disappear because the license expires in some countries and not others. Sometimes it is because the host company was bought out by another company, like when Fox Studios was bought by Disney and all their Netflix content was pulled. Then there are demographic reasons where, as mentioned earlier, Netflix determines that people in the UK do not want to watch spoiled American housewives. There are many reasons why shows and movies are pulled from the Netflix streaming network. When you use a VPN to watch Netflix in other countries, you are not stealing, you are getting what you darn well paid for when you signed up with Netflix.


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