Which is better: Redbubble or Zazzle?

Redbubble or Zazzle
Redbubble or Zazzle

Both Zazzle & Redbubble are online marketplaces that are doing really good right now. They are meant to create custom products. So it gives a platform for guys who are interested in doing business through their art. You just have to create a specific art regarding anything and look for its buyers. Since the scope is wide, you get to deal with profits and have a long-term career in the business going forward.

But there are more differences between the two terms than the common things. While there are many sites like Redbubble and Zazzle, today we are going to discuss the matter and understand how the user-submitted artwork can differ in both cases.

Differences between Zazzle & Redbubble

  1. The first differential point is copyright policies. The copyright policies of both platforms are very liberal. But there are chances that you give exclusive rights on Zazzle to the platform owners. So even if you delete any pic, it might still belong to them and may have a chance of benefiting them in the future. Meanwhile, you can feel a hundred percent safe when you use Redbubble. There are zero chances of things going out of your hand even if you remove one of the arts from your profile.
  2. The next point of differentiation is the royalty rate. There’s a default royalty rate on Redbubble and it doesn’t change based on your artwork. You are supposed to pay a  20 % default royalty rate here. It wouldn’t change at any cost. While in the case of Zazzle, the royalty rate keeps on changing. It is somewhere between 5 to 14.9 percent. The major reason behind the lesser amount of royalty rates is the discount rates and sales which are conducted very often here.
  3. The amount of customizations on Redbubble is limited. You will have to get straight to the point regarding what you want to sell and how you would like to do it. But in the case of Zazzle, there are in-depth customizations coming with it. You will get to understand the platform in detail and it would also help you understand the business aspect of your art much better.
  4. Redbubble is simple to use. There are a lot of features coming with it that are to the point and you wouldn’t be finding it hard to use. The operations would be conducted smoothly and at a fast pace. In the case of Zazzle, the customization options are way more in number. Due to that very reason, it takes a lot of time to post your art. It’s pretty difficult to use in comparison to Redbubble.


Zazzle Vs Redbubble: Which is better?

Both the platforms are good in their own ways. If we talk about the simplicity of the use, Redbubble is much better. It wouldn’t be hectic handling Redbubble at all and you will be able to understand the nuances early on. It takes time to get to know how Zazzle works considering the layers coming with it. But Zazzle will give you an opportunity to understand how the marketing can be done regarding your art in a better way


Q1: What are Zazzle & Redbubble meant for?

They are supposed to help you sell your art. If you believe you want to make money through your artwork, these platforms can surely help you out. They will also help you to reach out to more and more people.

Q2: Is it safe to use Zazzle & Redbubble?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Zazzle & Redbubble. The chances of fraudulent activities taking place are very low. The platform verifies the buyers before the transaction takes place. So you don’t have to worry about such things before using Zazzle & Redbubble.

Q3: How is Zazzle different than that of Redbubble?

The differences are not too many. The major difference between the two terms is that Zazzle is pretty difficult to use and it takes you more time to do something on Zazzle in comparison to that of Redbubble.

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So if you want your art to reach out to more and more people, you have to use either of the two platforms to get the job done.  The more important thing to do is to understand your objectives regarding your artwork and whether or not you would like to choose a medium that’s more complex but helps you understand the business aspect better, Zazzle is more suitable in that front. If you want to keep it busy, go for Redbubble!



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