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13 Best Battery-Saving Apps for a Used iPhone 11 Pro




Degradation of batteries affects all types of phones older than two years. Slowly but surely, they start to lose the ability to store the battery at full health.

That same is true for a used iPhone 11 Pro. Since it has been around 4 years since the release of the phone, you can only find this phone with around 80% battery health. That’s why here are the 13 best battery-saving apps that worked amazingly for my phone.

So without wasting any of your time, let’s dive right in.

Best Battery-Saving Apps for a Used iPhone 11 Pro

Here are the 13 best battery-saving apps that worked wonders for my used iPhone 11 Pro. Try them out and tell me if any of them worked for you.

Battery Doctor 

With this app, you can save battery life by closing all the apps that are running in the background and managing power settings with just a single tap. It also provides detailed information about power usage, including which apps are using the most battery life. 

Avast Battery Saver 

Avast’s free app is designed specifically for iOS users, offering an array of smart features to keep your phone’s battery running longer. You can set custom profiles and schedules to shut off certain features when they’re not needed, as well as get detailed information about the energy consumption of each app. 

Battery HD+ 

This free app gives an accurate reading of your used iPhone 11 Pro’s remaining battery life and also offers advice on which apps may be draining it faster than others. It also monitors charging progress and has a low-power mode designed specifically for long-term use without having to recharge. 

Battery Monitor Pro

With this app, you can quickly check the status of your phone’s battery in real time without having to open any other apps. It also offers tips on how to conserve power and provides detailed information about your battery’s performance over time. 

Battery Drain Analyzer

This app keeps track of which apps are using the most energy and gives you detailed reports so you can make adjustments accordingly. You can also view battery usage history for up to 24 hours and set alarms when it reaches certain levels. 

Battery Guru

This free app helps you get the best out of your phone’s battery by monitoring its health in real time, as well as giving recommendations on how to extend its life. You can set custom profiles or use a simple slider to adjust settings according to your needs. 

Battery Doctor Pro

Battery Doctor Pro is an app designed to extend the battery life of your device. It optimizes your device’s performance by shutting down or limiting unnecessary processes, canceling background apps, and managing power-consuming applications. 

This helps to minimize the drain on your battery while maximizing its overall lifespan. The app also boasts an impressive array of features, including the ability to analyze and monitor your battery consumption in real-time. It even gives you tips on how to improve battery life as needed, so you can make sure your device is always running at its peak performance.

Battery Tracker+

This popular app helps you get the best out of your phone’s battery by showing its remaining capacity in real-time, as well as giving recommendations on how to extend its life further. You can also analyze your usage patterns over time and get notified when it’s time to recharge. 

Battery Life – Check Runtimes

By keeping track of the battery life, you can determine how long your device will last before it needs to be recharged. A straightforward way to do this is through an app such as RunTimes. This app allows you to see the estimated run times for various activities, including music playback, video streaming, and gaming. 

By analyzing your usage patterns and adjusting settings accordingly, you can maximize the life of your device’s battery. Additionally, RunTimes provides tips on how to extend your device’s battery life further by turning off unnecessary features or simply changing when certain tasks are performed. 

With this information in hand, you can ensure that your device’s battery lasts as long as possible so that you don’t have to worry about being stuck without a charge.

Amperes Lite battery charging

The Amperes Lite battery charging app is a free, user-friendly mobile application designed to help users monitor and optimize their phone’s battery performance. It provides detailed information about the charge levels of all connected batteries and can be used to adjust settings to improve overall efficiency. 

It also allows users to set alarms for when the battery needs recharging or changing so they never run out of power unexpectedly. Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface that makes optimizing a breeze, so users don’t have to worry about complicated settings or menus. 

With this app, users can easily identify the best time to charge their phones and ensure optimal performance at all times.

Charge – Your iPhone’s battery life on your wrist

The Charge – Your iPhone’s Battery Life on your Wrist app for used iPhone 11 Pro provides you with a convenient way to monitor and optimize your device’s battery health. With the app, you can keep an eye on how much charge is left in your battery throughout the day or night and get tips on how to extend its life. 

You can also view detailed information about which apps are draining your battery power, as well as managing notifications, brightness levels, and other settings that affect battery performance. Additionally, you can check the remaining charge of any Bluetooth-paired Apple Watch or AirPods Pro in real-time.


The iStats app is a powerful application for iPhone users who want to keep track of their device performance. It provides detailed insights into your battery, storage, and memory usage, as well as network activity. 

The app also offers real-time monitoring options so you can quickly identify any issues or changes in your iPhone’s performance that require attention. 

Additionally, the app allows you to compare past and current data over time, giving you a comprehensive view of how your used iPhone 11 Pro has been running. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, you can easily monitor the performance of your iPhone with iStats. 

From diagnosing slowdowns to tracking energy consumption, this app helps ensure that your device remains in optimal condition at all times.

Battery saver – wifi analyzer

The Battery saver – wifi analyzer app for used iPhone 11 Pro is an invaluable app that can help you improve the battery life of your device. These app monitors and displays all available wifi networks in range, along with their signal strengths and other information such as encryption type and channels used. 

The app helps you to find the best network for your device based on two main criteria: maximum signal strength and minimum interference. It enables you to switch between different networks quickly and easily. 

In addition, the Battery saver – wifi analyzer can be used to troubleshoot wireless connection problems by displaying a list of nearby access points with detailed technical information about each one.


Overall, if you want to keep your used iPhone 11 Pro up and running, then you’ll definitely need to install an app for your phone. If you have any suggestions or recommendations regarding the battery-saving apps, then do let me know.

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