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5 Motives Why Every Household Needs An Air Purifier




However, when pollution levels rise, your house may not be as secure as you believe. In reality, indoor air is five times more contaminated than outdoor air. Because you spend 90% of your time indoors, dangerous air pollutants cause a variety of health issues, including asthma, respiratory problems, and skin problems. Installing an air purifier is the only option to combat indoor air pollution; wearing a mask at home is ineffective. Given the poor air quality, every home needs to have an air purifier. If you are still unsure about purchasing an air purifier, here are a few reasons why you need one in your house.

5Reasons Why Air Purifiers Are Necessary

  1. Avoid Allergic Attacks
  2. Stay Safe in Construction Zone
  3. Avoid Allergies Caused by Mold
  4. To Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy
  5. Avoid Second-hand Smoke and Industrial Emissions

1. Safeguard Yourself Against Allergy Attacks

Individuals with allergies must take several precautions. Unfortunately, despite taking all measures, you may occasionally get allergy attacks. The presence of air pollution is the primary cause of this condition. An air purifier serves a crucial function in eliminating many sorts of pollutants from the indoor air, hence decreasing the likelihood of allergen triggers.

2. Practice Caution In Construction Zones

If you live near a building site, your house may contain a significant amount of air pollution. Dust and tiny pollutants found on construction sites are extremely irritating, causing watery eyes and sinus issues. The microscopic dust particles in your house have also been linked to respiratory problems and emphysema. The abrasive nature of the sand particles causes physical damage to the lungs and mucous membranes that lining the respiratory tract. When you use a SAMSUNG air purifier, the SAMSUNG filter captures microscopic dust contaminants, preventing health issues.

3. Avoid Mold-Related Allergies

Stone and untreated wood structures promote mold growth, especially in the event of water damage. If breathed, the black mold also known as (Stachybotrys) can cause severe allergic responses. This type of mold creates mycotoxins, which are harmful to human health and cause sickness. Mold typically develops in inaccessible places, such as behind walls or beneath floors. The installation of an air purifier protects against illnesses caused by mold in concealed locations.

4. For A Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women are more sensitive to difficulties resulting from indoor air pollution. The presence of germs and foreign particles has detrimental effects on the fetus. In addition, the microorganisms carried by dogs may cause birth-related difficulties and, in extreme cases, stillbirth. The many filters of an air purifier eliminate germs and other contaminants from the indoor air, therefore preventing such difficulties.

5. Protect Your Health Against Second-hand Smoke And Industrial Emissions

Many illnesses, including bronchitis and cancer, are caused by second-hand smoke, transportation, and industrial pollutants. Occasionally, excessive exposure might also cause cancer. If you reside near an industrial complex or a high-traffic region, you must exercise more caution. An air purifier aids in capturing minute particles, hence minimizing the risk of health issues. In addition, if someone smokes at home, an air purifier helps protect a non-smoker from second-hand smoke.



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