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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before an Exterior Home Remodel




Embarking on an exterior home remodel is both an exciting and daunting endeavor. It offers the promise of a revamped and rejuvenated living space but also comes with a plethora of decisions to make. From budgets to materials and timelines, every choice has its implications. Before you dive headfirst into your next renovation project, it’s essential to pause and ponder a few critical questions.

1. What’s My Main Objective?

Before embarking on any exterior home remodel, it’s crucial to identify your primary goal. Are you renovating to increase property value, enhance curb appeal, or address structural issues? Maybe it’s a mix of all three. Clarity on your objective will help you make informed decisions throughout the process and ensure your resources are well-spent. Moreover, having a defined purpose can streamline communication with contractors, designers, or any other professionals involved, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It also acts as a guidepost, preventing you from going off-track or getting overwhelmed by the multitude of options and decisions that come with remodeling.

2. How Much Can I Realistically Spend?

It’s easy to get carried away with dreams and inspirations, but the reality of your budget can quickly bring you back to earth. Establish a clear and realistic budget for your project, factoring in all potential costs. Consider obtaining multiple estimates from contractors and setting aside a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. It’s essential to remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the most cost-effective in the long run; sometimes investing a bit more upfront can save on future maintenance or repairs. Also, periodically revisiting and updating your budget during the renovation process can help keep expenses in check and ensure you stay within your financial boundaries.

3. How Will This Remodel Impact My Home’s Value?

It’s essential to consider the return on investment (ROI) for your remodeling project. While certain updates can significantly increase property value, others might not offer as much of a financial return. Research and understand which upgrades are most sought-after in your local real estate market and how they might influence potential buyers’ perceptions. This knowledge will guide you in allocating your budget towards improvements that not only beautify your home but also enhance its market value.

4. Do I Have the Right Materials in Mind?

Your choice of materials can make a vast difference in the longevity, appearance, and maintenance needs of your home’s exterior. For instance, fiber-cement siding, which you can have installed from a reputable James Hardie siding contractor, is a durable and low-maintenance option that can mimic the appearance of wood, stucco, or masonry. The materials you choose should align with your aesthetic preferences, budget, and the specific needs of your climate and region. Moreover, selecting high-quality materials can lead to long-term savings by reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements.

5. Will I Need a Permit?

Many exterior home projects require permits, especially those that involve structural changes. Neglecting to obtain necessary permits can result in fines or complications when you decide to sell your home. Familiarize yourself with local building codes and regulations, and ensure you’re compliant before starting any work. Additionally, some neighborhoods or homeowners associations might have specific guidelines and restrictions regarding exterior alterations. Taking the time to consult with these entities beforehand can save you from potential disputes or redoing work later on.

6. How Long Will the Remodel Take?

Renovations often come with inconveniences, from noise and dust to areas of your home becoming temporarily inaccessible. By establishing a realistic timeline for your project, you can better prepare for these disruptions. Discuss anticipated timelines with your contractor and consider factors like weather, which can sometimes delay exterior projects. Also, make arrangements in advance for any necessary temporary accommodations or changes to your daily routine to minimize the impact on your household.

7. Have I Chosen the Right Contractor?

Selecting the right contractor can be the difference between a smooth remodeling process and a stressful nightmare. Look for professionals with excellent reviews, relevant experience, and proper credentials. Don’t hesitate to ask for references, and take the time to check them. A trusted contractor will be transparent about costs, timelines, and potential challenges.


An exterior home remodel is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and consideration. By asking yourself these seven questions, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions that align with your objectives, budget, and long-term goals. Remember, a well-executed remodel can enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of your home for years to come.


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