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9003 LED Headlights vs. HID Headlights




When it comes to the differences between 9003 LED headlights and HID headlights, there are quite a few. The first thing to know between the two is that 9003 LED headlights are still relatively new in the market when compared to HID headlights. Most people today have not heard of 9003 LED headlights, because they did not become popular until recently. 9003 LED headlights are known to be more efficient, last longer, and are more powerful when compared to their HID counterparts.  9003 LED headlight bulbs for cars provide increased safety on the road. They can be seen up to a mile away. LED headlights are brighter and they last a lot longer than halogen bulbs. LED headlights are also a lot more energy efficient than halogen headlights. 

An 9003 LED bulb produces the same brightness as a halogen bulb but only uses a quarter of the current. The LED bulbs don’t give off any heat, which means that there is less chance of the bulb burning out. LED headlights are made with a solid-state chip that is more durable than the more traditional halogen bulbs. 9003 LED headlights are built with greater strength and efficiency compared to halogen bulbs of the past. LED headlights don’t contain any toxic mercury, unlike HID headlights. 9003 LED headlights are very easy to install and are plug-and-play. LED headlights are also more affordable compared to HID headlights. 

How 9003 LED headlights give you clear road visibility?

9003 LEDs are more durable, and efficient, and they offer more clarity than the standard headlight. The brightness range is wider, and the LEDs don’t need to be replaced as often as the standard halogen bulbs. The way the light is produced by the halogen bulbs is limited by the glass casing and the filament that is needed to produce the light. 9003 LEDs are able to produce more light, as well as better, control it, with a higher range of brightness. Check out more LED car lights on SuncentAuto and order now with free of cost shipping charges.

This means that you’re able to see further ahead on the road and still have enough light to see what’s on the side of the road. Since the headlights are sealed, the water can’t get inside the headlight housing. This prevents premature failure of the headlight bulb. A few years ago, the low-beam headlights were of the H4 pattern and the high-beam headlights were of the H1 pattern. LED headlights use an H1 pattern with a twist. 

The 9003 LED headlights are a combination of both the H1 and H4 patterns. This gives you better and brighter visibility both during the day and at night. LED headlights are very popular in European countries and are catching up fast in the United States and other countries. Countries like the United Kingdom and Germany have compulsory laws that require all cars to have LED headlights.


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