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Asana Cost vs Confluence Cost: A 2023 Analysis




Project management is not an easy task to deal with. It requires lots of effort and hard work. Going through manual spreadsheets and drawing project timelines are a thing of the past. Nowadays, firms rely on project management solutions to tackle these energy-draining tasks simplistically. PM solutions like Asana cost and Confluence cost don’t even do much to enhance PM workflow.  

You can choose between these two for running a smooth business at the peak of your firm’s productivity. But first, you need to go through the feature range and price structures of these solutions to decide between the two. In this wholesome guide, we have presented an Asana cost vs Confluence cost analysis along with their features and review details. It is because not everyone can master the art of carrying out a comprehensive price analysis.  

To conduct an effective price analysis, first, you need to get your hands on the features of Asana software and Confluence software. This is the best way of conducting a detailed Asana cost vs Confluence cost analysis. So, here’s the complete feature list, followed by the price structures. 

Features of Asana Project Management: 

The features of Asana software are divided into four pricing packages. Find the feature list below.  


Basic  Premium  Business  Enterprise 
Unlimited tasks 

Unlimited projects 

Unlimited messages 

Unlimited activity logs 

Unlimited file storage (100MB per file) 

List view projects 

Board view projects 

Assignee and due dates 

Project Overview 

Project Brief 

iOS and Android mobile apps 

Time tracking with integrations 

Calendar view 

Status updates 

SOC 2 Type II 

Multi-Factor Authentication 

Start dates and times 

Task dependencies 

Task Templates 


Custom Templates 



Workflow Builder 

Jira Cloud & Server Integration 

Unlimited Dashboards 

Reporting across unlimited projects 

Custom fields 

Charts customization 

Charts template library 

Advanced search 

Progress view 

Data deletion 

Premium support & Academy training 

Unlimited free guests 

Admin Console 

Google SSO 


Custom Rules, including Integrations actions 

Forms branching & customization 



Salesforce Integration 



Lock custom fields 


Tableau & Power BI Integrations 


Custom branding 

Admin announcements 


User and group provisioning & deprovisioning (SCIM) 

Data export 

Cross-regional backups 

Service accounts 

Audit Log API (built to support SIEM) 

24/7 support 


Features of Confluence Project Management: 

The features of Confluence software are also divided into four packages. The details are given below.  

Free  Standard   Premium  Enterprise 
Unlimited spaces and pages  


Structured page tree 

Page versioning 

Best practice template library 

Apps and integrations  

Domain verification & account capture 

Session duration management  

Password policies 

Encryption in transit & at rest  

Business continuity & disaster recovery 

Mobile Device Management 



Page and space permissions  

Archive and unarchive pages 

Page insights 

Anonymous access 

Audit logs 

Data Residency 



Inspect permissions 

Bulk archive pages 

Team Calendars 

External collaboration Automation  

Admin critical  

Copy space permissions  

Admin insights  


Release tracks 

IP allowing 


Atlassian Analytics  

Atlassian Data Lake Data connectors  



Now, keeping the features of Asana software and Confluence software in mind, let’s explore their price structures. The features will determine whether they are rightly priced, overpriced, or underpriced.  

Asana Cost Structure: 

The cost structure comes next in this Asana cost vs Confluence cost analysis. Therefore, we will first explore the cost structure of Asana. 

Asana has four cost plans, starting with a free version without requiring a credit card. This means getting started with Asana is as easy as pie. There are monthly and annual pricing tiers. Sole proprietors can go with the free- plan of Asana to assess if its functionalities align with their goals. Here are the details of all four cost packages of Asana at a glance:  

Basic  Premium  Business  Enterprise 
For up to 15 users  For unlimited users  For unlimited users  For unlimited users 
$0  Billed Monthly: 



Billed Annually: 

$10.99/ user/month 

Billed Monthly: 



Billed Annually: 


Contact sales 


Confluence Cost Structure: 

Confluence cost also provides four plans for its customers. All packages offer monthly and annual pricing tiers. There’s even a self-managed solution costing $27000 per year for as low as 500 persons. This free plan is ideal for small teams looking for ways to document project information effortlessly. The details for the Confluence cost structure are as follows: 

Free  Standard  Premium  Enterprise 
For 10 users  For 1-10 user tier  For 1-10 user tier  For 801-1000 user tier 
$0   Billed Monthly: 



Billed Annually: 

$550 a year 


Billed Monthly: 



Billed Annually: 

$1050 a year 

Billed Monthly: 

Not offered for monthly tier 


Billed Annually: 

$97500 a year 


The Reviews Analysis: 

In this Asana cost vs Confluence cost analysis, Asana software is a clear winner. The features of Asana software make up for its price tag. It’s not that pricey solution, to begin with. But if compared to Confluence, Asana is considered an expensive solution. Having a clear look at the features helped us realize why that is so. The features offered by Confluence software are not that advanced. However, when it comes to Asana, it is loaded with one-in-kind project management functionalities. This difference in features is one of the reasons why Asana software rules out Confluence software, even though the former offers cheap pricing bundles.  

The user feedback supporting this claim is shared below.  

The Reviews: 

Asana enjoys around 4.3 to 4.5-star reviews. This illustrates how highly clients think of its impeccable services. Also, there are no complaints regarding the cost structure of Asana in the reviews. On the contrary, it is considered a cost-effective solution that shapes the workflow of businesses without charging much. Tracking the team’s progress and updating them on all amendments is no big deal with this software. Reviews depict that Asana is one of the best project planning, budgeting, and collaboration enhancement tools.  

The Confluence software is backed by 4.1 to 4.4-star reviews. This above-average rating shows that clients are satisfied with the integrated functionalities of this platform. The fact that Confluence works as an open workspace for remote teams is praised in the reviews. Exploring the Confluence reviews, we discovered that clients refer to it as a reasonably priced project management solution but not for enterprise-grade firms. Reviews reveal that the governance services and advanced control services of Confluence work best for scalable organizations.  




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