Boxing games on xbox360

Boxing games
Boxing games


Play an exciting boxing match to knock out your opponents. It’s your job to remain alert in these games to block your opponent’s punches while striking at the right time to land a strike in return. Are you good enough to win every fight? To knock down the opponent, you must keep your fighter’s stamina up while causing enough damage for the opponent to fall. Additionally, boxing is the most popular combat sport of all available today. Others appreciate its skill and technique, though some view it as brutal. To know more, check on

What makes boxing games on Xbox 360 so popular?

A boxer has to be grit and determined to succeed. Games that bases on browsers you can play from the comfort of your computer! It’s a lot of fun playing online boxing games, and they usually have simple controls that anyone can pick up. Several boxing games have good graphics and 3D gameplay, while others feature cartoon graphics. A boxing game can either be a simple 1-on-1 punch fest or a game in which you can train and upgrade your champion. You can also punch celebrities and politicians to pieces with boxing game parodies! With this selection, every boxing enthusiast will find something to suit their tastes! Learn mixed martial arts (MMA) to become a world champion fighter! Take part in MMA training and become a world champion!

Join a boxing league with Xbox 360.

Aside from boxing, we also offer a variety of arcade-style games. You can control the cartoon super fighter, and its combos can affect your opponents. You can beat those like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in some of our challenges. If you prefer, you can take your fighting skills to a saloon in the Wild West! It is just like how the name sounds: a boxing game where you can punch President Trump around. You’ll be able to jab and uppercut him as well as block his blows.



With World Champions’ input and research, Next-Gen Footwork creates realistic movement and mannerisms.


Ten24 considered being one of the leading scanning companies. We scan and sculpt top-quality models.


The ability to customize your fighter, judge, trainer, cut-man, and promoter – this game has it all.


Upgrade your gloves, shorts, and boots with official boxing gear from the world’s leading boxing brand


Take the weight of your fighter and injuries into consideration. Will you let the dirty effects heal or take a high-risk title shot?


the fighter skills levels can enhance by switching gyms and unlocking new move sets as they mature.


Try to catch your opponent off guard with the feint system on Xbox 360.


This game lets you create a boxer and fight against them. It has good gameplay and great music! Boxing Live 2 includes a lot of special moves and music.

In addition, you can customize their appearance, choose their nickname, and upgrade their stats. The final boxing game is Boxing Physics, where you control a wobbly character in one-on-one matches. There are boxing games for PC and mobile devices.

Boxing games for PC and mobile devices

You can play our unblocked boxing games here on Xbox 360, including game championships are set in an official ring and street boxing games that don’t have gloves (and that use illegal moves).


Get ready to throw some deadly punches and uppercuts in these free online boxing games. Become a boxing champion by controlling your fighter.

The most popular Boxing games include Boxing Stars, Ultimate Boxing, and Boxing. You can play them on your computer, mobile device, with both Android and iOS, as well as browser games and android apps.


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