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Tips to Fix a Water-Damaged Speaker By Glen Burnie’s Cell Phone Repair Shops




Retrieving your cell phone from the water can be stressful for anyone. However, it is important to handle it properly to save your device. After removing it from the water, you should confirm if anything has changed and if the cell phone is turned off. If it’s still on, turn it off instantly. Then, taking it to a  trustworthy mobile repair shop nearby is recommended.

Water contact can create a short circuit between the phone’s motherboard and processor, so professionals recommend removing any replaceable components, such as the cards and battery. If the problem persists, taking the mobile to a cell phone repair shop in Glen Burnie and disassembling it may be necessary. Reading up on the problem helps you learn how to fix water damage to the smartphone speaker. However, it’s highly likely that the device will not suffer any severe damage and will continue to work normally. Keep reading to find out what you can do to save your water-damaged phone.

Tips to Fix a Water-Damaged Phone By Glen Burnie’s Cell Phone Repair Shops

Dry the Exterior

To gently remove water from the phone, use a soft cloth or another absorbent material to dry the exterior and speakers. Be careful not to move the cell phone around too much while you dry it.

Dry the Internal Parts

You may use a  vacuum cleaner to remove water from the phone’s internal components for areas the cloth can’t reach. However, use a low level that won’t drain your phone’s battery and dry it quickly. Avoid moving your phone, as this may result in water entering further into the phone and worsening the damage. 

How to Dry Your Phone Speaker 

To remove water from the phone’s speaker, you can place the phone in a ziplock bag filled with rice. This will help to absorb any remaining moisture and dry out the phone faster. However, you should remain patient and wait for it to properly before using it again.

While waiting for the phone to dry, you can place it near a window, but avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, which can cause further damage. Remember that this method to dry the phone can take some time, so be patient and avoid turning it on before it’s completely dry.

How to Handle a Wet Cell Phone

To prevent damage, it’s important to take some precautionary measures. First, try to avoid exposing your phone to water, especially when going to a pool party.

However, if your cell phone does get wet somehow, follow these steps:

  • Switch it off immediately, and do not use it.
  • Use a soft cotton towel to gently dry the phone’s body. Pay special attention to its edges and remove any excess water that may have accumulated there.
  • Do not connect it to a charger, as this could cause a short circuit.
  • Do not use a blow dryer to dry the phone before disassembling it.

By following these tips, you can minimize the risk of further damage and increase the chances of successfully recovering it from water damage.

What Not to Do

If you accidentally drop your phone in water, it’s essential not to do certain things that could damage the device more. 

  • Switching on the phone could cause a short circuit and further damage the phone.
  • Plugging the phone into a charger could also cause a short circuit and potentially damage the charging port.
  •  Blowing on it or using a hair dryer could force water further into the phone and damage internal components.
  • Shaking the phone could also cause water to move inside the phone and damage important electrical components.
  • Pressing any keys – This could cause it to turn on or activate some functions, which could cause further damage.

Can Rice Fix it?

The “placing the phone on rice” trick can help absorb moisture, but it can not reverse the water damage completely. Severe damage requires help from repair experts who can disassemble and thoroughly clean the device’s internal components. 

Visit a Nearby Mobile Repair Shop in Glen Burnie

To ensure positive results, take your damaged cell phone to the nearest mobile repair shop as soon as possible. If you’re in Glen Burnie, you’re in luck because there are many reliable cell phone repair shops in town, such as Repair Shack. Their skilled repair technicians will restore your phone to its original condition.


Is it recommended to fix a damaged speaker on my phone by myself?

While fixing a damaged speaker on your own is possible, it is not recommended as these repairs require certain skills and expertise that only a professional has.

What is the most common cause of speaker damage?

Water damage is the most typical cause of speaker problems in cell phones. Even if the speaker starts working later, it may still need to be replaced or repaired.

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