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Effective Ways to Help Your best friend Plan her Big day




Planning one’s big day can be a roller coaster ride. With so much on your plate, it’s hard to plan everything smoothly. However, that’s where you can barge in and make things easier for your best friend. Although choosing from bridal dress to venue, everything will be according to your brides’ choice. There’s still a lot in which you can assist her and make her dream wedding come true. 

Don’t let your best friend in the middle of her wedding planning and turn out to be the best bridesmaid ever. Here are a few things you can do for your best friend and make her big day like a dream come true. 

Assist her with the Wedding dress

The wedding dress is the star of the show. With so many options and variety in the market, it can be difficult to decide. Help your best friend choose her dream wedding dress by searching the market well. 

See the latest trends and styles that will suit your friend on her big day. For instance, wedding dresses with feather embellishments, cape style, high-low hemlines, and ball gowns are some of the top trends for this year to choose from. 

Go for a Venue hunt 

Make your best friend’s wedding planning a lot easier by going on a venue hunt and providing her with a list of places that will go with the theme. Choosing a venue is a critical and time-consuming task. Make sure you make an effort to save her time by exploring the best option. 

Search the places well. Compare the prices and look for wedding packages for additional discounts. In addition, you can look for an exclusive wedding venue for a particular theme to follow.

Construct a Guest list and send Invites

Making a guest list is another time-taking task among many. Get this burden off your friends’ shoulders and take the charge. Include all the guests from the bride and grooms’ side and make sure no one gets left. When you finalize the guest list, send invites. 

Involve Your best friend in the selection of invitation cards so everything goes according to her wish. In addition, make some effort to confirm the arrival of guests and carry wedding arrangements and food accordingly.

Be there for Her 

Planning your big day can be a challenging task. Make sure your friend does not feel alone in everything. Be there for her and be her support system. It’s her big day and she’s going to panic a lot as the wedding demands non-stop work. Calm down and tell her you are here for her no matter what. Ask her if she needs help with something and do it for her.

 You need to get out of your comfort zone and be her comfort. Just know it’s her big day and your help can make her wedding day perfect. Be the support she needs. In the end, it will all be worth the effort.


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