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Tips to Fix Water Damage – By Experts From Georgia’s Phone Repair Shops




Most common phone problem users face is water damage, which can be extremely frustrating for most. However, following the right precautionary measures makes it possible to repair a water-damaged phone. 

In this blog,  with the help of experts from Georgia’s phone repair shops, we have compiled a list of things you can do to prevent it. We will also share tips on resolving water damage issues in your phone. Let’s dive right in!

What to Do If Your Phone Gets Water Damaged – Expert Advice By Georgia’s Cell Phone Repair Services

Here’s what you must do if you accidentally drop your phone in the water. 

Act on Time

If water spills on your phone or you drop it in the pool, it is important to act quickly. Delaying the response can lead to more harm caused by the water. So, as soon as possible, turn off the phone and, if possible, remove the battery. If the battery cannot be removed, simply turn the phone off.

Avoid Shaking and Use Suction

While drying your cell phone, the urge to shake the device to get rid of excess water may arise, but shaking it can further damage and spread the water to other electrical components. It is best to refrain from doing so and instead use a gentle suction device or a vacuum cleaner to extract any remaining water. Note that keeping the pressure low is necessary.

Remove Accessories and SIM Card

The next step is to detach all accessories and the SD & SIM card from your damaged phone. This prevents further damage and protects these fragile items from water-related harm.

Dry the Phone

Now it’s time to dry your phone properly. Make sure to use a soft. clean, dry cloth to wipe away any visible water. Avoid using a hairdryer or any other extreme heat source, as it can cause additional damage. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner.

Use Rice or Silica Gel Packets

You can use a drying agent once you have dried as much visible water as possible. Two popular choices are rice and silica gel packets. Rice absorbs moisture quickly, so place your water-damaged phone in a plastic container or zip bag filled with rice and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours. You can also use silica gel packets easily found in shoe boxes or other packaged products. Place the cell phone and silica gel packets in an airtight container and let it stay for 24 to 48 hours.

Seek Professional Repair Assistance From a Cell Phone Repair Service

If you have followed the steps mentioned above and your water-damaged phone still doesn’t seem to work properly, it is time to send it to a professional and reputable phone repair shop in Georgia. Georgia’s best phone repair services, like CSI Wireless, have experienced and skilled repair technicians who can easily diagnose and fix water-damaged cell phones. They have the necessary tools and equipment to fix these devices and ensure their proper functionality.

Prevent Future Water Damage

To avoid future water damage to your valuable cell phone, it is important to take precautionary measures. You should consider using a durable waterproof phone case or a plastic bag to protect your phone the next time you are at a pool party or anywhere near water. Avoid using it in the rain or while swimming. If your cell phone does get wet, take it out of your pocket or bag instantly and follow the steps outlined above.

Consider Insurance

Lastly, it’s beneficial to consider insurance coverage for your mobile phone. Many providers offer insurance plans encompassing water damage and other types of harm. This can give you peace of mind, a sense of security and protect your investment.

To Summarise

Water damage is a potentially expensive problem for users. But one can easily prevent future water damage by acting quickly and taking preventive measures. Follow these tips from expert iPhone and Samsung phone repair shops to restore your phone’s functionality. If nothing works for you, you should immediately send the device to Georgia’s best phone repair services.


How much time does repairing a phone damaged by water usually take?

The time needed to fix a water-damaged phone can vary depending on the extent of the damage. If the issue is minor, it may take just a few hours. But if the damage is severe, it could take a couple of days or weeks.

Can I fix a water-damaged phone myself?

It may be possible, but it is not recommended. Without the right tools and expertise, you may cause even more damage.

Does my insurance cover water damage to my phone?

Many providers provide insurance plans that cover water damage. But you should review your insurance policy’s terms and conditions to understand if it is included in the coverage.

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