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Four Tips to Avoid Water Damage




Water damage is a scary phenomenon for any homeowner. It can not only wreck your belongings but it can also do structural damage to your house which can become monstrously expensive to repair. It can be hard to detect water damage in places like the basement or the attic.

To avoid such a situation you as a homeowner, should practice the following tips to counter or avoid water damage in the first place. Water damage always starts small and then snowballs into a massive headache for you which is why being vigilant is the best course of action. 

1. Make Your House Water Resistant 

The house that you currently live in is susceptible to water damage as we speak. Things can happen and water can find its way inside your home. You are not helpless in this though, you can take steps towards waterproofing your home.

For this, you will need the help of a professional who can identify weak points where water incursion is possible and then provide solutions accordingly. You have to be especially vigilant about water damage to your foundation which is why it is best to get yearly inspections of your basement or foundation. 

2. Stop Water Ingress from Outside

Water can find its way into your home from multiple points. It could be a leaky roof or a cracked window seal, water is relentless and will always try to get into any cracks it can find. The troublesome thing is that this does not become apparent until it is too late and water is already coming in.

To get ahead of this problem your best bet is to inspect the exterior of your house before every rainy season. If you notice something that is not right you should fix it if you are capable of that or get professional help. 

3. Do Timely Maintenance 

Water damage does not always come from exterior sources, sometimes it can be a result of an indoor water source. It could be a leaky dishwasher or a water heater that is past its due date and lets water loose onto your flooring. 

It can also be a busted or leaky pipe that can cause water damage inside your walls, worse yet if it is a drainage pipe you can have all sorts of problems that will need a full demo and restoration of the damaged area in your house.

4. Focus on Drainage 

The drainage system in your house is also part of the mechanism designed to keep water away from your house. Its sole purpose is to carry water away from the vulnerable parts of your house. Water can cause damage if it pools around your foundation.

The drainage system of your house helps you evacuate water after heavy rainfall or even in case of a water incursion. However, if the drainage system of your house is clogged then it will not be able to do its job. This is why you should consider getting your drains unclogged before every rainy season.


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