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GYROOR Unleashes Next-Level Electric Skateboarding Innovations at 2024 International Electronics Expo




Hong Kong, April 16, 2024 – GYROOR, presented by Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co., Ltd., left an indelible mark at the Hong Kong International Electronics Fair with its groundbreaking electric scooter and E-Suitcase “GNU” collections. With an eye-catching booth and an extensive product range, GYROOR not only drew a massive crowd but also established a new standard for the dynamic electric skateboarding industry. The brand’s cutting-edge electric scooters captured attention and surpassed sales targets, solidifying its dominant market standing.

The company’s offerings garnered widespread praise at the expo, highlighting progress in three pivotal development sectors:

GYROOR|Kids: This family-centric line has earned global acclaim for its top-tier quality, safety innovations, and groundbreaking designs. Post its victorious patent dispute with Hangzhou Riders, the series has taken the world by storm, especially in the USA, UK, and Germany.

GNU E-Suitcase: Unveiled this year, the GNU transforms travel gear by incorporating a skateboard, targeting young travelers by blending journey with entertainment. It has received accolades at major tech expos like CES and IFA, underscoring GYROOR’s forefront position in the industry.

KS2 Power-assisted Children’s Skateboard: The newest entrant in the GYROOR Kids range boasts a power-assisted mechanism, elevating safety and user-friendliness and offering kids a superior riding experience, addressing the rising demand for high-caliber children’s skateboards.

KIT1 Mini Harley Motorcycle: Inspired by iconic Harley motorcycles, the KIT1 promises children a thrilling and distinct riding experience, rapidly gaining traction in the market.

These launches reaffirm GYROOR’s hegemony in the children’s electric skateboard arena, showcasing its innovation and technical expertise. The brand is committed to expanding its global footprint, offering younger generations secure, fun, and state-of-the-art travel options.

GYROOR|URBAN: Concentrating on large electric skateboards, notably the seat-equipped C series, GYROOR has carved a niche market segment. Tailored for adult users, this range has reinforced GYROOR’s leadership in the electric bicycle sector, delivering unparalleled value.

C1S Model: A standout in the GYROOR URBAN series, the C1S melds storage with convenience, impressing users with its ingenious storage solutions and comfortable ride. This chic skateboard caters to daily commuting needs, meeting the diverse transportation requirements of city residents.

  1. BEST Model: This high-performance electric skateboard, compliant with European Economic Area (EEC) standards, exemplifies GYROOR’s dedication to safety and environmental stewardship, showcasing its global market prowess.
  2. INNOVATION Series: Reflecting GYROOR’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, this series enhances daily commuting and leisure experiences.

Lightweight and Foldable Design: The design team prioritizes crafting lightweight, foldable electric skateboards, boosting commuting ease and portability. Products like the backpack skateboard have garnered positive feedback from urbanites.

Enterprise Technology Empowerment and Motor Control Technology Development: GYROOR provides businesses with efficient motor control technology, enhancing operational efficiency, particularly in energy-intensive scenarios.

P7 Electric Camping Vehicle: GYROOR’s freshest offering, the P7, is a smart electric camping vehicle, revolutionizing camping into a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Electric Golf Cart: Catering to golf aficionados, this eco-conscious cart offers a smooth ride, reflecting GYROOR’s dedication to sustainability.

These innovative products reinforce GYROOR’s technological leadership and hint at the brand’s future trajectory in electric skateboards and related gear.

As an electric mobility trailblazer, GYROOR continues to innovate, catering to a diverse demographic from children to adults. Its product range encompasses the Kids series for the young ones, the Urban series for urban commuting, and the Innovation series pushing industry boundaries.

At the recent International Electronics Expo, GYROOR garnered significant media buzz, with major media houses interviewing the brand, confirming its industry dominance and brand resilience. 

This global recognition underscores GYROOR’s product superiority and technological innovation.

Looking ahead, GYROOR remains steadfast in developing new energy two-wheel vehicles, merging intelligence, technology, and eco-conscious travel. 

The brand aims to ascend to global leadership in the electric skateboard sector through relentless innovation and market expansion. GYROOR believes that with consistent effort and innovation, it can offer diverse urban mobility options, steering the world towards sustainable and smart travel solutions.

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