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Hospitality Management Dissertation – How to Present Your Findings in Paper




So, you have finished the quantitative data analysis of your hospitality management dissertation, and it’s time to write your results. But how do you start? 

Getting a degree in hospitality management shall prove rewarding for you, as the report by Straits Research states that the global smart hospitality management market size is registering a CAGR of 14.4% during the forecast period, and North America dominates the global market. It means that if you pass your dissertation with flying colours, your employment prospects will be good! 

In this article, we shall walk you through the process of writing the results chapter for your dissertation on topics and ideas of hospitality management. 

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How to Write the Findings of Your Hospitality Management Dissertation? The Perfect Guide

There are several measures involved in writing a best results section for the case study you work on while writing a tourism and hospitality dissertation. The exact number of steps varies based on the nature of the study, but the generic steps are the same for every study. Such general 8 steps for work on all dissertation topics are outlined here: 

Step 1: Recheck the Research Objectives

The first step that you should take when trying to sum up your hospitality management skills in the dissertation is revisiting the research questions. Go back to the prime objectives of the research topic you are working on. These research questions shall be the main agency behind the results and discussion chapter of your work. 

At this stage, it shall also be helpful to contemplate the key elements that you want to address in your discussion chapter. You should note them down as they will work as a clear reminder about what main points you want to adhere to in your results chapter. 

Step 2: Write your Brief Introduction

As with all other sections in your thesis on the tourism destination and hospitality industry, you should start by providing an overview of what you will address in the chapter and why. Keep in mind that this section should not be lengthy and comprise one or two paragraphs maximum.

Also, it is a great notion to summarise the research questions in this chapter so that there is a thread of sequence that passes through the overall document. If you find it too difficult for you, you should buy a hospitality management dissertation online.

Step 3: Mention the Sample Demographic Data

The initial set of data that you present in the findings chapter of your dissertation is the demographics that you get from your respondents. It shall present the general information related to them, such as the following:

  • What are their gender distribution criteria?
  • What are the ages of the respondents? 
  • How do you distribute ethnicity in your survey? 
  • What are the living areas of your participants? 

The main aim of such illustration of data is to highlight the generalisability of the results you get. According to the description given by Survey Monkey, you can relate that:

Demographic information allows you to better understand certain background characteristics of an audience, whether it’s their age, race, ethnicity, income, work situation, marital status, etc.

 If your sample does not represent the findings, you will be unable to generalise the results and findings of hospitality businesses. 

Step 4: Review the Data Shape

Before undergoing the statistical analysis for your research on the hospitality sector, you will be required to perform several checks to see if your data is suitable for the techniques you are planning to use. 

Particularly, you need to pay attention to these two areas:

1. Composite Measures

While you are working with multiple scale-based measures to justify the construct for one guest experience, you name it as a composite measure. So, to ensure internal consistency in the survey you are conducting, each shall have a similar rating. Low scores will indicate higher inconsistency and vice versa. 

2. Data Shape

The second matter that you should address on a priority basis is the data shape of your research work. In other words, you shall need to analyse whether your data is symmetrical or otherwise. So, if you want to adjust the strategy and use alternative tests for your work, you shall provide different descriptive statistics. 

Step 5: Provide the Descriptive Analysis

In this step, you present the descriptive analysis of the statistics for your variables. The most typical statistics that you shall be presenting in the findings of your work are the following: 

  • Mean – Mathematical average of a range of numbers
  • Median – Midpoint in the range of numbers when the arrangement of numbers follows an order
  • Mode – The most commonly repeated number in the set of data
  • Standard Deviation – Checking the closeness of numbers to the mean
  • Kurtosis – Checking if the data is flat or peaked

Step 6: Provide the Inferential Statistics

When presenting inferential statistics, you must know that it is used to make generalisations about the populations you are using. The techniques of inferential statistics can be divided into these two groups:

  • Comparing Measurements between Groups

Here, the examples of statistical tests involve t-tests, ANOVAs, and more. The first measures the difference between two groups, and the second measures the difference between different groups.

  • Assessing the Relationship Between Variables

Correlation analysis and regression analysis are two examples of this kind of technique. Within these tests, some tests are used for non-parametric data, and some are for normally distributed data sets. 

Step 7: Test the Hypotheses

If your dissertation demands it, you should go for hypothesis testing for your research on the food and beverage industry. The process you should follow for testing your hypothesis is the following:

  • Specify the null hypothesis. 
  • Suggest the alternative hypothesis. 
  • Determine the significance level. 
  • Calculate the statistics and calculate the p-value. 
  • Infer the conclusions. 

If you feel stuck during the process, get help from the best website for Hospitality Management Dissertation. The dissertation writers of such websites are well-trained in the ways to conduct such tests. 

Step 8: Present a Summary

To sum up the results chapter, you shall have to provide a concise summary of your key findings during the research work on the event management of local communities in tourism. However, keep it brief for the sake of brevity. 

This section should not be too lengthy, and it must be relevant to the research objectives that you present in the introduction of your hospitality management dissertation. 


This was all about the tips and guidelines to follow for the results chapter during hospitality management dissertation writing. Structure your findings chapter systematically and in a sequential manner. Also, make your own graphs and tables for the papers instead of copying and pasting them from other online software like SPSS. 

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