How do game key locations function? Everything you should know

game key locations function

Have you always looked at some of the pricing on Game Keys websites and wondered why the keys are inexpensive? You, like most individuals, have undoubtedly avoided such sites since the discounts appear to be too good to be true. However, if you understand how game key sites function, you’d realize that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Game key sites function by connecting buyers and sellers, and they do not manufacture or sell keys. The keys on such sites are legitimate because they are obtained directly from the developers and publishers. They are so inexpensive because the vendors frequently buy them in bulk at steep discounts.

The remainder of this essay will go into the complexities of how game key sites function, why the keys are so cheap when they are legitimate, and what happens when you acquire a key from such platforms (mainly if it is invalid). 

Let’s get started.

How do game key locations function?

Contrary to popular misconception, game key websites do not manufacture or sell the keys. Instead, they function as platforms that connect interested vendors and buyers to execute a transaction. When you buy a game key through G2A, for example, you are purchasing from one of the platform’s numerous merchants, not from G2A itself.

So, if game key sites do not create the keys, where do the vendors on such platforms obtain the keys? And are the keys genuine?

, the keys are entirely legitimate because they are all generated by game creators and publishers: no one else can produce them. The distinction is how they wind up on game key sites, which takes us to the types of merchants you may face on such platforms.

The vendors on game key websites may into four groups:


Retailers \sIndividuals

Publishers and developers of video games

In the next part, we’ll look at where each seller category obtains its keys.


Game developers and publishers sometimes generate and sell keys in bulk to distributors. And by mass, we mean hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of keys. As a result, Wholesalers are responsible for the vast bulk of keys sold on game key sites.

The book handles every aspect of the purchasing process, so the developers are not harmed. After purchasing keys from developers and publishers, distributors may sell them directly on game key sites or resale them to online retailers and bundle sites. May subsequently sell The keys on game key sites or to people via the bundle sites.


Dealers also account for a sizable portion of keys sold on game key sites. This seller group comprises online stores and bundling sites, and the amount of keys they account for is approximately in the middle between individual sellers and distributors.

Keys are obtained mainly by retailers from two sources: game developers and distributors. Few retailers buy game keys in low-cost locations (primarily Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and occasionally Russia) and resale them to wealthy countries via game key sites.

Individuals who are selling

Individual sellers are ordinary users like you who have a few unused keys they’d want to trade into some additional cash. They obtain their keys from various sources, including bundles purchased via bundle sites and online retailers and gifts and prizes from social media contests. Individually sold keys are legitimate since they can be traced back to developers and publishers.

Individual sellers account for the minor proportion of keys sold on game key sites. Buying keys from bundle sites and online retailers and reselling them on game key sites would result in low-profit margins. Therefore not many individuals do it as a business. The few selling keys from such sources are typically attempting to get rid of some unused keys in their package that they do not require.

Publishers and creators of video games

The developers/publishers themselves are another potential sources of the excellent prices on game key sites. Developers and publishers can sell keys directly to customers on some game-key websites. G2A is a perfect example of this: developers and publishers may use G2A Direct to build up storefronts and sell keys directly to customers.


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