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How to Get Tin Can in Merge Mansion?




Merge Mansion is a famous object-merging puzzle recreation from Metacore Games. Players have to merge objects in the storage to acquire beneficial gear and other matters to help clear and ease the here’s more about the Merge Mansion grounds.

One of the vital items to collect is the Tin Can—however, how will we acquire this item? Find out the way to get the Tin Can in Merge Mansion underneath!

Merge Mansion Blossoming Bush Changes

As of the May twentieth replacement, the method of getting the Tin Can has been slightly changed. The devs determined to alternate how the Blossoming Bush works, which ended up confusing plenty of the sport’s player base.

The Blossoming Bush no longer drops Tin Cans after being merged. Players will regard accumulate the new item known as Planted Flowers.

The question remains: How do players get the Tin Can in Merge Mansion? We are right here to answer that for you!

How to Get Tin Can in Merge Mansion

By appearing the following steps: gamers can be capable of getting the Tin Can in Merge Mansion:

  • Complete the Ignatius Boulton occasion and obtain Garden Statue as a praise
  • Level up Garden Statue to Level 6
  • Once tapped, a Level 6 Garden Statue will drop Small Tin Cans
  • Merge Small Tin Cans to get Tin Cans in Merge Mansion

It may be a touch puzzling before everything, but it’s miles still quite smooth to obtain Tin Cans in Merge Mansion.

The simplest disadvantage to this replacement is that many gamers were extraordinarily near accomplishing the Stone Can, best to have the approach trade on them.

Completing the Ignatius Boulton occasion is quite simple, particularly if you utilize the method located here!

Speaking of the Stone Can, now that you recognize how to gather the Tin Can, keep in mind checking out our other guide on the way to get the Stone Can in Merge Mansion.

What Is It Used For?

All Merge Mansion mosaic portions are required to restore the pavement and craft a vase in The Old Well, the seventeenth vicinity to come to be available in the sport.

You free up the Old Well after unlocking it at stage 15 and patching up the wall cavity in the garage. It cannot be accessed earlier than you reach stage 33, whilst the Plaza will become to be had. The following portions of Mosaic are wanted to complete quests:

  • 6-2: fix the pavement with one mosaic (L1) and one mosaic (L2)
  • 16-72: restoration of the pavement with one mosaic (L1) and mosaic (L2)

Create a vase with two mosaics (I) and three mosaics (II)

There may also be some mosaic portions that you’ll want to finish day-by-day duties and get the Peony Flower Box, Orange Flower Box, or Bench Box.

That’s all you want to recognize approximately Merge Mansion. If you’re looking for something else to play, check out the best new video games on our website.

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