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How to Make a YouTube Shorts Channel Successful




People normally think of full-length movies and music videos when they think about YouTube material that produces money. YouTube, on the other hand, offers another lucrative medium: short videos. The average length of a YouTuber’s video is 2 minutes, despite the fact that YouTube does not categorise its programmes by length (per Social Blade). This implies that any films that are less than two minutes long are sure to generate money on YouTube. This category includes short films, independent series episodes, and sketches. Here are some suggestions for grow a YouTube shorts channel

Make a decision on the length of your shorts.

Choosing the length of your videos is one of the most important aspects of creating a YouTube channel dedicated to short films, series episodes, or skits. While two minutes appears to be the de facto YouTube video length, it is not required. Some channels have had tremendous success with clips that are barely under the mark, while others have gone as long as 10 minutes, breaking YouTube’s duration guidelines. However, we recommend keeping your shorts under two minutes long, since this will prevent viewers from becoming bored and clicking away after only a few seconds. Videos longer than two minutes, on the other hand, may be successful if they are captivating enough to keep viewers’ attention.

Make short films that are both instructive and entertaining.

When creating short films, you want them to be both educational and entertaining. On YouTube, there are millions of channels with an overflow of videos all about the same thing that are largely useless in terms of entertainment or education. If you’re going to make material that’s only a little over two minutes long, it better be fantastic. Minute Earth, a YouTube channel that generates scientific films that are under two minutes long, is a great example of this.

 If you want to build a series or sketch series on a specific topic, all of your short videos should be flawlessly integrated in addition to being instructive and amusing. Make each video feel like the next piece of your jigsaw by ensuring that they all flow seamlessly together. You might even conclude each short with a cliffhanger (without giving too much away) that makes viewers want to see your next post.

Create unique thumbnails that pique the interest of viewers.

Your thumbnails need to stand out while viewers are skimming through thousands of videos on YouTube. They will never click on your video if the thumbnail is badly designed and does not attract their attention. You won’t be able to impress or enlighten them with your material if they don’t click. On Fiverr, you may pay someone to make you a personalised thumbnail, or you can utilise a free stock photo source.

Make the most of your titles.

Few things are as crucial as the titles of your YouTube videos. Viewers will not click if the headline is not interesting, and if they do, they will go within seconds. Before anybody gets to your thumbnail, you can employ SEO keywords in your titles to make them stick out and convey what the video is about. These keywords may also be included in video descriptions, which is significant because many people will just watch the title or the first few seconds of a video before clicking away.

Make use of YouTube Stories.

YouTube Stories are a terrific way to personalise your channel. You can use YouTube stories for almost anything, from sharing photos, videos, and GIFs to conducting live Q&A sessions and behind-the-scenes glimpses at what goes on behind the scenes of your shorts. If you decide to add this function into your channel, it’s critical that you utilise it consistently; if you only post once every six months, it’ll feel like an afterthought.

Make use of YouTube marketing services

You may employ a paid channel marketing service in addition to YouTube’s promotional features. You may utilise system tactics to promote your YouTube channel by using Promote Youtube Video. You must select YouTube promotion services that will assist your channel develop organically rather than causing it to suffer from spam or frauds. You want a YouTube sponsored promotion that will pay you in the long run. To put it another way, don’t promote your channel with an advertisement simply because it promises a large number of subscribers soon. In the long term, it might be detrimental to your channel.


When it comes to short films, the most crucial thing you can do is generate content that viewers will find difficult to put down. You’ll need a terrific thumbnail that grabs people’s attention and makes them wonder what your video is about. Of course, you should create instructional or interesting material as well, since this is what will keep people coming back for more. Take advantage of Promote Youtube Video youtube channel marketing, which will help you reach a wider audience with your short videos.


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