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How to Make the Onboarding Process Better




Today, it’s hard to keep good employees. What are the factors that make this so?

Employees don’t feel like they’re getting any value from their job. They aren’t happy, and they’re not committed.

1. Create a modern onboarding process

If you want to keep your best employees around for as long as possible, there are some important things you can do to make the onboarding process better. These changes will help your new hires feel welcome, confident, and ready to contribute from day one.

In the modern workplace, employee onboarding is more than paperwork and technical set-up. It’s about introducing your new hire to the culture, values and expectations of your organization. When done right, it also helps build the foundations for lasting success.

The best way to ensure that the onboarding process is successful is to design a system that’s easy to implement, modifiable and repeatable. This will allow your team to refocus energy on the aspects of onboarding that matter most: building strong relationships with the employee.

Creating an onboarding system that’s flexible and scalable is essential to making sure your process works for everyone, regardless of their position in the company or experience level. With this in mind, you can begin experimenting with different types of activities that can fit your needs and the needs of your new hires.

For example, you can use automation to pre-board your new hires so they can complete the basic administrative tasks and learn the basics of the organization before even setting foot in their workspace. This gives your team the opportunity to focus on building a strong relationship with the new hire while they get comfortable in their role and feel prepared for their first days at work.

Another way to improve the onboarding experience is to provide new hires with a consistent, user-friendly, and design-forward environment for their orientation and training. The right software can help you deliver engaging and personalized content to new hires that’s specific to their location, roles, and expectations.

When your onboarding solution has all the items neatly organized in a seamless flow, it’s easier for your HR or learning and development teams to track new hire progress and nudge them along if they fall behind. This will prevent any missed steps and give candidates the support they need to succeed from day one.

2. Build employee loyalty from day one

Loyal employees are a vital part of your business. They help reduce employee turnover and increase productivity in the workplace. They also improve customer service and foster a positive company culture.

The best way to build loyalty from day one is to treat your team as individuals instead of cogs in a machine. Show them you care about their goals and needs by asking their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.

Whether you’re on the phone, chatting online, or in person, make sure to have frequent conversations with each member of your team. This will give them the chance to express their thoughts and concerns, which can be beneficial for their job satisfaction and overall loyalty to your business.

A loyal employee is someone who is dedicated to your company’s success and who will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. They will sacrifice their personal time, interests, and resources to work harder to better the company’s reputation.

They are also less likely to leave, speak negatively about your business, or sell trade secrets to competitors. They are a great asset for your organization, and you should strive to cultivate this type of commitment in your business as a matter of corporate strategy.

You can easily build employee loyalty through a number of different tactics, including these four:


If you can find ways to recognize your workers for their accomplishments and hard work, it will go a long way toward building loyalty. This could be in the form of a thank you note, gift certificate, or other form of appreciation.

Another great way to encourage employee loyalty is to provide them with opportunities for growth within the company. Offering a competitive salary, incentive programs or unique benefits can all make it easier for them to stay with the company and grow their careers there.

A respectful management structure: It’s a good idea to have managers who are professional, fair and trustworthy. If you have a manager who is overbearing or uncaring, it will not only create a negative atmosphere in the office but also reduce employee loyalty.

3. Invest in technology

The onboarding process is a critical part of helping new employees integrate into your company. It helps them become familiar with their new role and how to get around in the company. It also helps them learn about your culture and other team members, as well as policies.

It is important to invest in technology that makes the onboarding process better for both you and your new hires. A quality onboarding experience will help your new employees feel at ease and comfortable working for you, which will increase their productivity and engagement.

A good onboarding experience will also make your new hires more likely to stay with your company. Poor onboarding experiences can lead to turnover, which costs you a lot of money and time.

To reduce this risk, consider using onboarding tools that are automated and scalable. This way, your new employees can easily complete their tasks and paperwork without wasting time or having to go through the trouble of printing documents.

Another benefit of investing in technology is that it will improve your company’s communication with customers and other business partners. This will ensure that everyone can communicate with each other, which is essential to any successful business.

This can be done through things like video conferencing, text messaging, and email services. It can also be a great way to share documents and keep up with important announcements.

Investing in technology can also help you engage your employees, which will help you retain them for longer. You can use tools like interactive presentations and videos to show your employees the benefits of their new job, as well as what they can expect from your company.

If you want to keep your employees engaged, it’s vital to offer them training opportunities that will boost their skills and knowledge. These can include on-the-job learning and continuing education programs.

These can be offered through your company or through external organizations, depending on your company’s needs. You can also offer them extracurricular activities to help them bond with their coworkers and develop a sense of community within the company.

4. Make it fun

In today’s world, hiring new employees can be a challenge. The process can be stressful and overwhelming, and if it’s not handled properly, it can lead to turnover.

However, a successful onboarding process can improve productivity, build employee loyalty and engagement, and help your company grow. It can also save your business money, time and stress — which is why it’s important to make the process as fun as possible for everyone involved.

One great way to make your onboarding process more fun is by incorporating gamification into it. Whether it’s trivia games or a team scavenger hunt, gamification is a great way to keep your new hires engaged and excited about their first few weeks at the company.

For example, Bazaarvoice, an e-commerce platform that sells goods online, runs a scavenger hunt for their new employees every week. They ask each of them to complete a series of tasks, from shadowing a call with a client to participating in company trivia quizzes.

Using an app like Kahoot to host this kind of game, new employees get the chance to work together in groups to answer questions about the company and its culture. They also have the option to compete against other teams, which can help them break the ice and feel more comfortable in their new office space.

Another fun way to gamify the onboarding experience is by giving your employees little rewards for meeting goals throughout the process. These can be as simple as a gift card for coffee or other small prizes, but they can be very effective at keeping your employees happy and engaged.

Staff introductions are a popular onboarding idea for boosting camaraderie and initializing networking. During these sessions, each member of the team introduces himself or herself by saying something like “Funny Freddy,” “Jovial Jane,” or “Zealous Zack.”

This game is not only an effective way to introduce your staff to each other, but it’s also a great opportunity for them to practice their public speaking skills. It’s a great way to meet each other, share laughs and get to know each other on a personal level, which will help them become a part of the company more quickly.

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