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How to Retrieve Deleted Reddit Comments




Reddit is a social news aggregation platform that enables users to submit links and text posts for voting up or down by other users within communities known as subreddits.

Reddit offers many positives, yet also contains negative content. Users often report offensive or inappropriate material to Reddit moderators for review and removal.

Deleted by user

Reddit posts that have been deleted are replaced with “[deleted]. However, this content remains archived by sites like Reveddit and can still be viewed by users.

Some users delete posts and comments they find controversial or embarrassing in order to protect their privacy and avoid linking their real identities with their online identities. They may also wish to avoid losing karma or being banned.

Since 2016, Reddit has employed a rolling versioning database system, which means when you edit or delete a post, its versioning number updates while keeping its original version alive. Although deleted posts don’t show up directly on your profile unless they were written by you; you can still find them under r/deleted_by_user in subreddits like Reddit; there are tools that help searchers locate old posts and comments-including deleted ones- on Reddit; this includes tools specifically tailored to find deleted posts/comments belonging to your account!

Deleted by mod

Subreddit moderators typically cannot delete submissions or comments entirely; they can only “remove” them, yet that won’t actually remove them from public view; content will still be accessible if users go through their username history or use third party services that archive all Reddit content – this was especially problematic during API protests when people would overwrite posts with protest line noise strings before deleting them later on.

Every time they did this, a comment would read, “Sorry, this post was removed by the moderators of r/— for VARIOUS REASONS,” leading to many messages to mods from submitters asking why their submission had been removed. Since then however, things have improved considerably.

Deleted by bot

Reddit can be an odd place. With its rolling versioning system for posts and comments, when you edit or delete content it simply updates its version number; similarly when deleting it simply marks it as deleted (known as soft delete) instead of actually erasing it entirely – something which site admins can do for monetization purposes with relative ease – leading to sudden surges of people overwriting deleted posts with protest strings, leading to Power Delete Suite’s popularity (alongside Pkolyvas’ fork of it) usage; most subreddits don’t permit bots as they often require karma requirements before being allowed to comment, though these requirements can easily be circumvented using script. Reddit itself has very powerful tools with regards erasure capability as well.

In this instance, the bot is being used as a spamming platform.

Deleted by Google Cache

Google and other search engines maintain caches of Reddit posts even after they are deleted from the website, meaning if you know the post title and username/subreddit, it is possible to retrieve deleted comments using search engines.

However, this method can be more challenging and will require patience to complete successfully. Unfortunately, you are unable to retrieve an entire deleted thread; rather you must search screenshots of pages to locate specific comments you need back.

Wayback Machine can also be a helpful resource when searching for deleted Reddit comments, taking snapshots of websites and archiving them for easy searchability. While not as effective as Ceddit, Wayback Machine still can provide valuable insights – although it may take more time to locate specific comments than Ceddit would do.

There has been much confusion and speculation surrounding the mysterious sequence of numbers 2131953663, which seems to appear each time an offending comment is deleted by moderators on Reddit. Some users even suggest it could be the result of a glitch or code error.


Reddit users have been perplexed by an odd message they saw recently on the social news aggregator, prompting a lively debate. Some speculate it might be some form of code or cipher that needs deciphering while others see it as potential marketing for a movie or game release. Furthermore, its contents contain all the numbers found within US phone numbers with an area code associated with Reddit Los Angeles office which prompts some to believe there might be an error in coding that needs fixing in an update.


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