There are many factors to consider before buying a trampoline. The method of installation is one of the most important. You have to choose whether you want an above-ground or in-ground trampoline. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled some facts.

01. What amount of space do you have for your garden?

It is important to consider the area and type of ground in which the trampoline will be placed. An above ground trampoline is more popular if your garden has enough space, grassy space, and no trees. However, we do not recommend placing the trampoline on asphalt, concrete or other paved surfaces. An inground trampoline is better if the ground isn’t flat. An above-ground trampoline may look cramped in smaller gardens so this is the preferred choice.

02. What garden look would you like?

In-ground trampolines look more sophisticated at first glance. They are not only more appealing, but they also look more professional. This is why in-ground trampolines are often the first choice for people with modern houses who don’t want an over-ground trampoline blocking their view. The jumping mat can be seen from the ground, making it much more appealing.

03. What effort will you put in to install the trampoline.

An above-ground trampoline can be set up in just a few hours. The above-ground trampoline is a better option if you are impatient and need the trampoline immediately.

In-ground trampolines require more effort and time to set up because you will need to dig a hole, make drainage arrangements and create a weed barrier. You can dig the required excavations by hand if you choose a smaller trampoline. However, larger dimensions will require you to use machinery.

Consider the terrain in your garden before you decide on an in-ground. It will take you longer to dig the garden if it is stony or rocky.

04. What bounce do you desire from your trampoline’s bounce?

The bounce of both will be the same if you choose between them within the same section. The jumping mat, which is also important as the method of installation, is more important than bounce. It should be high quality, regardless of trampoline model.

05. Moving on and off the trampoline

An in-ground trampoline has the advantage of being easier to use than an above-ground one. Although above-ground trampolines have a ladder, it is less accessible. In-ground trampolines aren’t affected by this because they are at ground level.

The in-ground variety is more accessible for disabled and children, and manufacturers recommend them for families with children under 5 years old and children who have special needs.

06. What safety concerns are there?

Both trampolines can be used safely, and even safer if they are purchased from a trusted manufacturer who uses only certified materials.

While some are skeptical about the safety of above ground trampolines, these trampolines come with four, six, or eight legs which offer greater stability. You’ll be more inclined to choose the in-ground model if you are one of those parents who is sceptical about whether your child might fall through the safety net on an above-ground trampoline.

07. Pick a trampoline that is compatible with your garden and your needs.

The joy of trampolines is well-known for their ability to provide hours of memorable and safe family fun outdoors – both above-ground and below-ground. You should consider the terrain you are using and your personal requirements before making a final decision. Quality is not to be overlooked. Always buy from a certified and trusted manufacturer.

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