Is Pokego++ safe to use?


Pokémon Go has to be one of the most popular games of its genre. When it was first released, gamers went bonkers for the game. It was so different in its genre that people instantly got hooked to it. The traffic came in and the developers of the app made a big chunk of money. Pokego++ is the mod version of the same game. If you want to go for all the features in Pokémon Go without trying hard, Pokego ++ is definitely meant for you. It is easily available online and once you download it, things will definitely see a change in terms of features and the gameplay. 

Features of Pokego ++ 

  • It is the mod version of Pokémon Go. It naturally comes with all the features that are supposed to be unlocked in the normal version as you play it over & over again. 
  • It has been developed by Global++. The developers of this organization wanted to create the version of Pokémon Go which would help the players to easily catch their favourite Pokémon. 
  • When you set up your GSP, you will instantly find the Pokémon characters which you want to grab. It helps in increasing your XP. In the normal version, it would take a lot to find your favourite Pokémon. 
  • It has been developed for both Android as well as iOS. Initially, it was supposed to be only for Android phones. But developers soon after changed their thought process and made it available for the iPhone users as well. 
  • Android users can play the game through Fly GPS while iOS users need to download Cydia impactor.
  • Ever since 2019, this version of the game has stopped working. Niantic filed a lawsuit against Global++ where they stated that the latter were providing unfair advantage to the users who were playing their version of the game. 

So Is Pokego ++ safe to use? 

If this question arose before 2019, the answer would have been yes. When the game was developed by Global++, it was supposed to be meant for everyone. It was easily available on online platforms and it saw record breaking downloads at a point as well. The developers had made such a game which anyone could play at the best of their comfort. It added a number of features to the normal version of Pokémon Go which was why people were interested in having this version on their Androids or iPhones. 

Ever since 2019 however, the game has been banned completely. It means having this version of Pokémon Go is not possible through the official ways. But you can still use this game through other means. There are certain websites and app stores where you will first have to jailbreak or root your device in order to process further. Since it requires jailbreaking and rooting, it is definitely not safe to use. It can lead you into legal troubles in the future. So the best thing that you can try to do is finding an alternative for the game or just play its normal version.


Q1: Was Pokego ++ developed recently or has it been a long time? 

Pokémon Go was released back in July, 2016. Within two months, the developers made sure that its mod version was made available to the users as well. So this version of the game exists as long as the normal version of Pokémon Go from the first time it was released. 

Q2: Is Pokego ++ any different from Pokémon Go? 

It is very different from Pokémon Go to begin with. When you download Pokémon Go, you will get a normal bunch of features while most of the others will stay locked. In Pokego ++, all the features of the game are unlocked from the get go and you might see a change in the theme of the game as well. 

Q3: Is it okay to download Pokego ++ right now? 

No, it’s not okay to download Pokego ++. The thing is, this version of Pokémon Go has been banned ever since 2019. 

It would be advised that you go for the normal version of the game currently since having Pokego ++ on your phone can put you in danger. But if you still want to have this game on your mobile phone, you have got options to download it for sure.


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