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Comfortable and stylish, the pair of shoes goes from casual to formal situations with few changes; see some ideas to incorporate them into your style

Shoes are a fundamental part of any look. They can make any composition more or less formal or casual, making your image convey exactly the message you want. For this reason, in addition to always betting on fashion clothes, knowing how to choose the shoes for your outfit makes all the difference.

In women’s wardrobes, flat shoes have gained prominence in recent decades. Comfortable and super versatile, they let you get dressed just right without ending the day with sore feet. There are several models, pleasing all tastes and styles: sneakers, espadrilles, moccasins, flat sandals and others.

In this article, see some outfits with sandals and flats for different occasions and learn how to combine them to suit your style.


Sandals have always been very feminine and suitable for different occasions. Today, with the variety of models available, it is possible to find sandals that help making the look more casual, creative and even sporty. See some outfits with sandals below.

Midi tight dress with colorful sandals

This combination is cool and fun. The tight dress brings sensuality to the look, enhancing the curves, but its length avoids the composition from becoming overloaded. To break the sensuality and bring a modern atmosphere, colored sandals are the best option, leaving a balanced look.

T-shirt, midi skirt and strappy sandals

Fresh and laid-back, this look is a great company for a casual lunch or afternoon stroll around town. The shirt is casual and fun; the midi skirt brings romance and lightness; finally, the sandal with straps shows the foot, showing delicacy and naturalness. And, the best: super comfortable.

Top, mom jeans and sporty sandals

If you like creative and loose looks, without the appeal to femininity and delicacy, this is a perfect choice. The top is perfect for hot days and the mom jeans bring comfort and don’t mark the body. The funky sandals are comfortable and balance the look, bringing a “toddler” image. If the temperatures are lower, replace the top with a turtleneck blouse.

Short dress with mullet sandals

The short dress is a classic in women’s wardrobe. The model can be sensual, fun, creative, modern, romantic: whatever you prefer. To match with the mule, an elegant shoe, bet on pieces with more structured fabrics and in colors that match the pair of mules. Still, the outfit helps to stretch your legs, making it a great option for shorter or shorter-legged people.

Flat sandals

It’s time for them: flats! Delicate and comfortable, they are often great companions in more informal workplaces, college classes, romantic dinners and even afternoon walks. Looking for outfits with them? See below.

All black look + colorful flat sandals

Is there any cooler and more modern combination than this? The monochromatic look in black is unanimous and can be done with top and pants, blouse and skirt, dress, overalls… several garments! The colored flat sandals add a fun touch to the outfit, breaking the sobriety and weight of black.

White t-shirt + denim pants + animal print flat sandals

A basic look is never wrong. The white t-shirt is versatile and goes well with those basic wash jeans you love. To give an elegant atmosphere and avoid the look becoming dull, the animal print flat sandals are perfect. Bet on a leopard, jaguar, zebra or giraffe print. If you still think you can make the look more sophisticated, accessories, such as watches, earrings and necklaces, are great.

Polkadot dress + black flat sandals

Fun and romantic, the polkadot dress refers to the beginning of the 19th century, bringing a classic look. Black flat sandals can complete the look maintaining a feminine atmosphere or breaking the delicacy, with dramatic and masculine models.


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