Make Your Website Run Smoothly with Dedicated Server in India


The most powerful server in the hosting services right now is the dedicated server. It is known for hosting heavy resource websites and applications. If you are looking to boost your search ranking and the overall performance as well as the growth of your business, then a dedicated server is the best solution. When you choose to work with this Cheap Dedicated Server India, you will get fully authorized control and its resources. With this, you will be able to customize in any manner you deem satisfactory. And you can make modifications to your choice while also installing the applications based on your preferences.

The entire efficiency of your business website will boost to a new level as these server resources are not shared with any other parties. When you chose a shared server, it doesn’t have the power to handle or manage overwhelming traffic coming to your site. To resolve this you will require additional resources that can help the website increase demand. Thus, a dedicated server is the best solution out there.

Introduction to Dedicated Server in India

Dedicated Server in India

Specifically, these types of servers are utilized for storage, editing, gaming, hosting websites and other similar specialities. It is a physical server that has a bare metal representation, mainly used for delivering the requirements of one customer.

A dedicated server in the website hosting services is primarily used for dedicated hosting plans. It suggests that the entire server will be dedicated to one customer and the website. Also, the resources in this server are not shared with other parties.

A dedicated hosting server in India offers many benefits to the customers who opt for this service. The most important use of this server comes when you get the entire control along with the root access and control across the server.

Root access is an administrative level of entry at the highest level in the server. Essentially, it permits you to work in any manner on your dedicated server. If you wished to install wide server applications or install some third party application you can do this quite effortlessly. It allows deleting, editing or moving any file on the server without any difficulties.

With features such as root access, you will be able to configure the different settings of the server in order to assure the highest quality of safety. When the settings are powered with root access it gives the topmost range of security to your databases.

How Serverwala’s Dedicated Server India Helps To Make Your Website Run Smoothly

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server hosting in India helps your website to function without any issues. Some of the features explaining this are below:

Agility & Speed

Websites including the applications that you want to host on a Cheap dedicated server in India hold the privilege of using all the available resources on this server. They function quite across the resources without any delays hence, providing you with a smooth and fast web experience.  On the other hand, when you function with a shared server, this rapid speed gets compromised, so in order to have a fast working experience, you need to opt for the Best dedicated server in India.


With the ongoing cyber attacks and presence of hackers online, you need to be careful with the security parameters of your resources. A dedicated Hosting in India lets you work without worry with the best security of all the resources mainly because all the programs and its feature are located on the outside public cloud. No one interferes in your hosting settings as your website gets an isolated private hosting platform. It gives you the power to perform any safety measures you deem necessary for your server. It practices your data and databases from all kinds of threats. You can also use dns filter from scoutdns to strengthen the security.

Entire Control

With a dedicated Hosting in India, you get the root access feature, which indicates that you will get the entire control of the hardware as well as the software. They allow you to perform changes on the server anytime. You can also configure the settings in any manner you want for the best results.

Exciting Benefits of Dedicated Server That You Need To Know

Benefits of Dedicated Server

A India dedicated server gives you so many amazing benefits and why you opt for the service provided by Serverwala, you can enjoy those additional features in your functioning of the website. Here are some of those exciting benefits.

Optimal performance

A dedicated server Hosting in India provides you with robust along with compelling hardware resources, some of the best reliable network connectivity and the most powerful safety. Overall, this ensures you experience the best optimal performance of your server. Also, it allows your website to get the end-user experience and as a result, you will see more traffic heading your way.

Reliable infrastructure

A dedicated server in India offers a trustworthy reliable infrastructure. It offers a secure layer of security and service level arrangements with freedom of hosting settings and a bunch of resources that guarantee the configuration of a robust infrastructure.

Customer support: 24/7

If you want a service that has a 24 hour day full support assistance, then serverwala is the best option for you and your website. They give you the best 24/7 expert professional technical support, so you can function with any worries of issues emergence. You can reach them via call, email or live chat.

If you want the stable and high performance of your website then you have to employ the most beneficial service in a dedicated server hosting industry. Server Wala gives you the best resources for the best price for a dedicated servers service.

Most Affordable Plans & Pricing of Serverwala’s Indian Dedicated Server 

Indian Dedicated Server

The different plan starts with providing a CPU of 8 core/16 threads and going up to 20 core/40 threads, the prices of a dedicated server in India range from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 12499 a month. The plans include the following components

  • SSD
  • DRR3 RAM
  • The bandwidth of 5000 GB
  • Different location availability

Summing Up

A dedicated server in India is the most powerful web hosting service with the highest performance rate and rapid speed functioning. It gives you compelling hardware tools, an infrastructure that is robust in operation, trustworthy connections, the highest uptime, top-notch safety and so much more. Hence in order to get to benefit from a dedicated server in India, opt for Serverwala affordable service.


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