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Pre-Wedding Girl Bonding at the Mehndi Ceremony




Mehndi ceremonies are an integral part of many Indian weddings and a wonderful chance for brides-to-be and their friends to bond pre-wedding!

Mehndi design can last up to a week depending on the type of henna used and studies have demonstrated its anticancer properties against both melanoma and colon cancer cells.


Henna is an elegant way to commemorate the end of one chapter and embark upon another. Mehndi designs are intricate works of art that serve as an embodiment of what the bride hopes to attract into her marriage – often peacock and lotus flowers are included as symbols in Mehndi designs. When arranged marriages were more prevalent, Mehndi would show how considerate and caring potential in-laws were towards her.

Mehndi ceremonies are an integral part of pre-wedding festivities and enjoyed by all guests present. Mehndi will remain on bride’s hands and feet until her wedding day; then its color will gradually fade over time. Due to thicker skin on these areas, hands and feet make for ideal spots to receive this ritualistic decoration.


Traditional henna paste is created by grinding dried powdered leaves into a fine mossy green powder, which is then combined with water, lemon juice and drops of eucalyptus oil to produce a thick paste that can easily be applied. Rolls are created to enable easy application.

Mehndi should remain on for at least four hours to achieve a deep and uniform color. To help extend its wear time, a solution of sugar and lemon juice should be applied every hour to the hands as an aftercare aid.

For a quick and straightforward mehndi design, this floral heart-shaped design with double lined flower petals may be just what’s needed. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary festivities as it also shows off bride’s beautiful fingers!


Mehndi guests typically include family, close friends and relatives of the bride-to-be who wish her well in her upcoming nuptials. It’s essential that your mehndi party creates an enjoyable environment for everyone present; welcome signs, henna designs and themes can make sure the party stands out as memorable for all of the right reasons.

Dependent upon the bride’s preferences, henna parties can take place either at her house or a banquet hall. Historically only women from her side attended; nowadays however, both sides can be included.

Women often wear lehengas or saris with plenty of jewelry and bangles while men don salwar kameez with matching colored shawls. Henna artists are hired for the event and fun activities are planned throughout. Gifts given by guests to the bride may range from cash to personalized presents; and it is customary that she give henna cones as tokens of appreciation.


Mehndi parties are fun and festive pre-wedding celebrations that kickstart wedding festivities. Held typically the evening before the ceremony takes place, this party can either take place at the bride’s home or banquet hall.

An engagement party is typically an event dedicated to women; however, male family and friends of the bride may be invited as well. It provides an excellent opportunity for her sisters, cousins and aunts to come together and celebrate her special day!

Henna artists apply intricate designs to the bride-to-be’s hands and feet using intricate designs created from henna paste, taking anywhere between two to six hours depending on how detailed she wants the henna to be. She may receive gifts from her guests as tokens of their appreciation; these may range from cash, gift cards or keepsakes and should always check with them first to determine any requests.


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