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QR Code on Domestic Gas Cylinder, Know How It Will Benefit Consumers




Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders will be labeled with QR codes. It will aid in the regulation of domestic cylinders. The QR code-based track and trace initiative will aid in the resolution of theft and tracing issues, as well as better gas booking inventory management.

On the occasion of World LPG Week 2022, Hardeep Singh Puri announced that a special QR code label will be placed on all 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinders. In the first phase of the unit code-based track, 20,000 LPG cylinders embedded with QR codes were distributed. 

Let us explain that the purpose of the government behind the QR code is to prevent gas theft and provide security. Through the use of a QR code, customers will be able to easily track the theft of a cylinder. In addition, you will be able to inspect the cylinder’s quality. Customers will receive all gas booking-related information within minutes after entering this code.

How Will It Work? 

The QR code will be applied to online LPG cylinder Booking, allowing consumers to obtain information about the cylinders. Consumers will be given information such as where it was bottled and, if necessary, safety tests will be performed on them. The QR code will be permanently welded to the new ones. Apart from detecting theft, this QR code has many other benefits. Customers can view the number of times the gas has been refilled.

Customers will also know how long it takes for the gas to travel from the filling station to their homes. In addition, because the QR code reveals which dealer delivered the gas cylinder, someone else will be able to use a domestic gas cylinder for commercial purposes.

Benefits of QR Codes on Gas Cylinders

  • The presence of a QR code on the gas cylinder (LPG Gas Cylinder with QR Code) simplifies tracing. It took a lot of work to track gas complaints before the QR code when people complained about receiving less gas. 
  • Previously, neither the location nor the identity of the person who delivered the gas cylinder to the customer’s home was known. 
  • However, if the QR code is installed, everything will be much easier to find. People will be relieved because the thief will be apprehended quickly. As a result, he will no longer be able to steal gas.

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are a digital solution; they are machine-readable optical labels that contain information about the object to which they are attached. In this case, the information about the cylinder can be obtained by scanning the QR code with a mobile device. Any fraud can also be avoided in such a situation. Transparency will enter the system as a result of this in the gas booking.

This will also assist in the adjustment of the gas cylinder used for home cooking. The use of code-based tracking and tracing will be expanded in order to address and track theft issues earlier and ensure better cylinder stock management. Now that this fantastic technology has been implemented for all LPG customers, the government will introduce new offers to implement this service, which customers can take advantage of by simply scanning the QR code on their mobile devices.

QR Code will come in Handy 

In addition, the QR code on the cylinders will be useful in reducing gas theft as well as resolving issues with gas leaking and safety. During the next three months, this special QR code will be installed in the domestic gas booking. Aside from that, the QR code will record how many times the cylinder has been refueled, where it was done, how the safety test went, and so on. This will also facilitate customer service. 

The gas cylinder booking connection is open to all and even participates in various government schemes that provide subsidized gas connections to those who qualify. Customers can register for this connection online, and they even allow them to book cylinders and refills via the internet, phone, or mobile applications. The connection is also portable, and it can be moved to different locations within a city or even outside of it.

Summing Up

Customers will be able to access all information about the gas booking cylinder using these codes, including where it was bottled, who is the distributor, whether safety tests have been performed, and so on.

When you scan the LPG cylinder QR barcode, a new window appears on your screen that displays all of the information about your LPG Gas Cylinder. The image below depicts how the information would likely appear after scanning the QR Code on your LPG cylinder.

Furthermore, it is claimed that with the new innovation of QR codes on LPG gas cylinders, no one will be able to use domestic LPG gas booking cylinders for commercial purposes because the QR code will contain information about who the dealer is.


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