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You might have a fantastic concept for original artwork in your home or business but have no idea how much it would cost. You’re not by yourself. Because each mural is unique, there is no such thing as a standard price. As a result, most murals begin with a consultation. This allows the muralist or mural company to inspect the area, discuss ideas, and estimate how much time and materials will be required to execute the work. Because every mural company is unique, here’s how we calculate the cost of a mural.

The cost is determined custom painting from photo and materials, like the majority of outsourced work. We take into account a variety of factors when calculating the required amount of time. The size of the wall, the type of painting, the complexity of the design, and the budget are the four factors that are most crucial.


Murals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tiny framed works of art to the sides of huge buildings. Mona Lisa would probably be easier to paint in a small space than to fit the Los Angeles skyline.

The Mona Lisa was originally painted in a realistic style. However, because your mural is personalized, you can have her painted in any manner you like. She may go for a more impressionistic painting style. She might be graphic or abstract. Of course, a realistic piece would take longer to complete than a loose, impressionistic one. A reduced graphic look, or a one-color silhouette, would be even faster… or less expensive.


Let’s be honest; you probably have a limit on how much you can spend. Since the design and mural are entirely unique, the budget can frequently be changed as well. If you have a certain budget in mind, we will try to adapt the aforementioned factors to match your needs at a reasonable cost. 

In other words, if the price is too expensive, we can (1) reduce the size of the mural, (2) select a more straightforward painting style, (3) streamline the design, or (4) change some other factors that may also have an impact on the price.


There are still additional aspects to take into account, even though the size, style, design, and budget are the main determinants of cost. One of these is the color scheme, while others are surface and texture, accessibility, and height, as well as prep and finishing work.

Murals can be painted on any surface, including walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. When it comes to cost, walls are usually the simplest and least time-consuming to install. They’re also easier on the neck and knees!

Another factor to consider is the surface’s substance and texture. Smooth walls are easier to paint than rough walls and use less paint. Unpainted or raw surfaces, as well as slippery surfaces like glass or metal, necessitate additional preparation. You guessed it: more preparation work could imply more time and money.


Access to the wall is another aspect that may add time to a project. This could include immovable constructions, furniture, or appliances that are in the way. Accessibility may also be compromised on a busy building site or in heavily trafficked public areas. The ground is also crucial. Is the ground at the wall’s base hard and level? Is it on a hill, for example, or is it covered with plants?



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