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Selection Of Smartphones According to Parameters




While choosing smartphones several aspects need to be considered. Here are some key factors to help you out regarding their selection parameters.

Screen resolution in smartphones

The image on the smartphone screen consists of individual dots (pixels). Each pixel (dot) is painted in a certain color and all together it is perceived by the eye as a single picture. Resolution is the number of pixels (dots) on the screen both horizontally and vertically. It is designated, for example, as follows: 1080 × 2400. This means that 1080 pixels are located horizontally on the smartphone screen, and 2400 pixels vertically (after all, smartphone screens are stretched upwards).

Next, for ease of understanding, let’s divide all existing permissions into 3 categories:

  • Resolutions less than Full HD + can only be found in modern budget or very old smartphones. With this resolution, individual dots (pixels) are visible on the screen, the image seems a little grainy (especially noticeable on letters in the text), not very detailed. But for many users this is not a problem, especially when a person walks with such a phone for more than one month, he just gets used to such an image. In general, the disadvantage of this resolution is that the picture may appear grainy and not very clear/detailed. But there is a plus – the load on the phone’s hardware is not large, which means that the battery consumption will be less than with high resolution.
  • Full HD+(i.e. 1080 pixels wide). Full HD + is considered the golden mean, because with this resolution, individual pixels are almost invisible, the picture looks quite clear and detailed, and at the same time, the load on the smartphone’s hardware is quite moderate.
  • Resolutions above Full HD+ (e.g; Quad HD+) are most often found in expensive flagship smartphones. The picture at this resolution is very clear and detailed. But it’s fair to say that most people don’t see much of a difference between Full HD+ and Quad HD+, especially if you’re just using a smartphone and not looking at the screen right up close. High resolution (such as Quad HD +) also has a minus – a high load on hardware and, as a result, the smartphone battery will drain faster. With weak hardware and high resolution, slowdowns, jerks in animations, and slow phone operation are possible.

On which processor to choose a smartphone?

  • Processor:To be more precise, a system on a chip (SoC), because. the “processor” also has a built-in graphics accelerator, and many other components. Therefore, it is called a system on a chip, but in the common people it is called a “processor”, therefore we will call it that in the future. Several companies are engaged in the release of mobile processors, the most famous (company name + processor name).
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon is the market leader, all applications and games are optimized for it. If the phone has a modern processor model from this company, and not the most budgetary one, then your phone will work quickly, without any special brakes, games will also run quite smoothly. The most successful Snapdragon processor models (in ascending order of power):
  • 450 – budget, but quite smart, almost like 625, only a little cut down in frequencies
  • 625 – a rather old budget processor, successful for its year of release, it already does not cope well with some heavy 3D games at a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels
  • 630 – average, copes with 3D games a little better than 625
  • 636 is a good, “strong” mid-range phone, the best choice for budget phones, it plays almost all heavy 3D games at medium or high settings, the phone interface practically does not slow down, only occasionally you can notice microfreezes
  • 660 – a fairly fast processor in the middle price segment, it pulls almost all games at high graphics settings
  • 710 – a pre-top processor, installed in smartphones of the middle and medium-high price segment
  • 820/821 – old tops, still quite fast by today’s standards
  • 835 – the top processor of 2017, was installed in the flagship smartphones of 2017
  • 845 – the top processor of 2018, was installed in the flagships of 2018
  • Exynos are pretty good processors in terms of phone speed, but they often have problems with the graphics chip (in terms of performance, not reliability). If your phone is not a modern flagship, then with a high probability heavy game on your smartphone (for example, PUBG Mobile and World of Tanks Blitz) will slow down on the maximum graphics (or maybe even on the average).
  • Huawei Kirin are processors that Huawei develops and installs in its own phones. Just like HONOR Magic 5 Lite UK price , the performance of the processor itself is not bad, but the performance of the graphics chip leaves much to be desired, brakes are possible in heavy games at high graphics settings.
  • MediaTek MTK – the least preferred processors of all those listed, are installed mainly in low-end and middle-class smartphones, because. lose to everyone else in speed and power consumption.


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