Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices
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Shutters and blinds keep light, heat, and prying eyes out of living rooms. This can even be done automatically in a smart house.

The true heroes of the smart home are smart blinds. Having motorized blinds that raise and descend with voice commands or on a predetermined schedule is one of the finest ways to give the impression that people are there even when you are not. Smart blinds can also help you save money on your energy bill. Allow more light in, keep the heat down, and let the sun save you money. On the other hand, shutting the curtains on hot days might help you save money on air conditioning. Smart blinds are a category worth investigating for their ease and energy savings.

The benefits of intelligent and networked electric roller blinds, folding shutters, and Venetian blinds are discussed in this article.

Intelligent house blinds and a smart shutter control system

The smart home makes it simple and straightforward to operate your roller and Venetian blinds. You may centrally regulate and alter the sun protection for every window in the house using a remote control or a smartphone app.

Connect your roller and Venetian blinds to a smart weather station with a sunshine sensor, and your smart home system will seize command automatically.


  • Control your indoor blinds with a single button press.

Our Motorised Roller Blind is totally cordless and can be operated with the accompanying remote or the Grid Connect Mobile app.

(Grid Connect Operation Requires a Smart Roller Blind Controller)

  • DIY installation and maintenance at a low cost; no electrician necessary!

Battery operation technology removes the need for wires to be routed behind walls or hardwiring, allowing for simple installation and configuration. With the extra benefit of a clean and sleek appearance that is free of wires and connections.

  • 100% Blockout!

This blackout blind enables no direct light to pass through, making it great for people seeking more solitude.

  • Our featured motorized roller blinds:

Take control of your home with our featured  Motolux ROLLER BLIND SYSTEMS. Motolux’s one2one technology is included in all of their motorised systems. When using one2one technology, motors may be removed from remote controllers and communicate with any single motor without the need to turn off any other motors on common channels.

  • Rechargeable DC Motors:

These rechargeable Roller Blind motors are ideal for applications where electricity is difficult to obtain and are a far more cost-effective solution for clients who do not want to employ an electrician to install them. These motors include ‘Soft Start’ and ‘Soft Stop’ features that enable a smooth and silent operation. The rechargeable DC motors work with all Motolux hand-held and wall-mounted remotes, as well as automated control via the UFO Smart Hub.

  • Indoor AC Motors:

These Roller Blind motors are intended to make the manufacture, installation, and maintenance easier. The motors are strong, with a torque of 6Nm, yet surprisingly quiet, and can easily raise the biggest Roller Blinds up to 24sqm.

  • How to Install

We make motorized blinds incredibly easy. Motolux products are a breeze to install and use.

Choose from our selection of Motolux remotes. There are three capacities available: 1 channel, 11 channel, and 16 channel. It is compatible with both our blind and curtain motors.

We propose a one-channel remote per room for rooms with one motorized blind. We recommend greater capacity remotes for other areas, such as your living room, where many motorized blinds are installed

Make sure you are using quality equipment to keep your electrical devices safes against water and dust, the best choice is to use waterproof wire connectors in your cables, this way your electrical equipment will be safe for a long time.


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