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The Best Miter Gauge to Add to Your Worktable




A accurate miter gauge adds versatility and precision in your table noticed, dramatically growing the range of work you may produce.

The miter is perhaps the maximum common of woodworking joints. Simple miters may be cut by hand the usage of a miter field. It’s a quick and smooth way to make photograph frames, as an example. A powered miter saw is regularly the tool of choice for slicing posts and slender boards. Adding a stand makes it a super desire for activity website online use.

However, a miter noticed can’t compete with a desk saw when it comes to reducing extensive forums or sheet material. The best drawback is that a desk noticed’s blade can’t be circled to cut angles. The solution is to use a table saw miter gauge, which holds the workpiece at the required perspective to guide it into the blade by way of using a bar that connects into slots in the saw desk.

These beneficial tools variety from budget fashions for fundamental joinery to excessive-precision gadgets for best furnishings making. This complete guide may also assist you find the first-rate miter gauge for your woodworking needs

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Miter Gauge

The woodworker seeking out an amazing miter gauge is spoiled for preference; however, as with every device, there are capabilities that must be protected and others to keep away from. The following will assist pinpoint the important thing advantages and additionally highlight the versatility and capability creativity that the exceptional miter gauge can deliver to a desk saw.


There are three fundamental parts to a miter gauge: the miter bar, miter head, and fence.

Saw tables have a slot to just accept diverse accessories. The miter bar is designed to healthy in this, as a consequence allowing the miter gauge to slide smoothly from side to side. The miter bar is often square, though it could have a further part formed to healthy desk saws which have a T-slot within the table. The in shape needs to be tight enough to maintain accuracy however now not so tight that it jams inside the slot. The pleasant miter gauges may be adjusted to provide the proper in shape.

The miter head is semicircular and is marked out for various angles. Increments range, as mentioned within the section on accuracy. There’s generally a push deal with, that’s regularly extensively utilized to clamp the head at the correct angle, although a separate device can be employed.

The fence is constant across the pinnacle and the workpiece rests in opposition to it. Fences can be solid or extendable. Longer fences offer better workpiece assist however won’t be appropriate for small saws.


Most miter gauges are made with components which might be both metal or aluminum. Steel brings energy and sturdiness, that’s vital for areas situation to common wear, like screw threads. However, metal is quite heavy and liable to rust. Aluminum is a great deal lighter and fantastically proof against corrosion and is generally used for fences. These are usually sectional moldings that provide additional help and enough energy to keep away from bending.

Nylon inserts or screws are regularly used to regulate how the miter bar (or miter gauge bar) fits inside the slot to your noticed desk. These will wear out in the end and want to get replaced. Fortunately, these aren’t high priced.

Brass is on occasion used for handles and clamps. It’s very decorative however has no actual effect on feature.

Stops and Adjustments

To allow for placing of the cutting angle, the miter head rotates around a crucial factor. As stated above, this is often clamped within the favored role using the frenzy take care of.

The head rotates thru a total of 180 levels, permitting the desired perspective to be set with fantastic freedom. However positive angles—ninety stages, 45 stages, and 22.5 ranges for example—are used most often, so preset stops within the shape of pins, holes, or grooves are frequently introduced. This makes putting the miter gauge a lot quicker.

More advanced miter gauges may offer stops in unmarried-diploma increments, though they commonly still have a technique of setting the ones commonplace angles quickly.


When purchasing for a miter gauge, it’s essential to consider the scale of your saw desk and the dimensions of the material you’ll be reducing most usually.

Budget miter gauges normally have a brief fence of a fixed length. If you’ve got a compact desk noticed and work with cloth of modest sizes, then that’s no longer a hassle. However, as material period will increase, there’s a tendency for it to flex. If that takes place it can lessen cutting accuracy. Some of the exceptional miter gauges have either longer or adjustable fences to fight this. The capacity to set the fence to one-of-a-kind lengths maximizes workpiece manage. That said, it’s crucial to test their minimum length. Some models can also truly be too lengthy for smaller table saws.

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