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The Gallery Dept Hat: A Style Statement You Need




¬†With fashion adapting every day, the accessory industry has also come a long way. One such accessory that has gained tremendous popularity lately is the Gallery Dept hat. Hats of all kinds have always had a significance in fashion, and this trend isn’t going to die anytime soon. If you’re on the lookout for something chic and stylish, you need a Gallery Dept hat.

What is a Gallery Dept hat

A Gallery Dept hat is an oversized hat made of vintage fabrics and textiles. While they began as a DIY project by the founder Josu√© Thomas, they’ve now become a part of the fashion industry. Each hat is unique in its way, and there are endless patterns and color palettes to choose from. The hat’s inspiration comes from the 90s art, fashion, skateboarding, and hip-hop culture.

Why you need a Gallery Dept hat

One of the best things about the Gallery Dept hat is its versatility. You can pair it with tons of outfits, from a casual streetwear look to a more polished outfit. The hat can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. Moreover, it’s the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit. So if you’re looking to add some glam to your wardrobe, a Gallery Dept hat is the way to go.

How to style a Gallery Dept hat

One of the best things about the Gallery Dept hat is that it’s not complicated to style. You can pair it with almost anything, from jeans and a t-shirt to a dressy outfit. You can keep it casual with a white t-shirt, denim jacket, and black ripped jeans. Or you can add a chic element to your workwear outfit by pairing it with wide leg pants and a blouse. The possibilities are endless!

Where to buy a Gallery Dept hat

Gallery Dept hats are easily accessible on their website. However, since each hat is handmade, they can be a bit expensive as compared to other hats. But the quality and uniqueness are worth every penny. You can also find Gallery Dept hats on websites like Grailed and Depop. But make sure you get your hands on an authentic one by verifying the seller.


In conclusion, the Gallery Dept hat is a statement accessory that is a must-have in your collection. It not only adds a chic element to any outfit but also shows off your unique sense of style. With its versatility and endless styling possibilities, it’s worth investing in. So go ahead and grab one for yourself, you won’t regret it!

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