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Horror stories about Trails Carolina have raised serious concerns regarding its accountability and responsibility, should these incidents prove accurate. These allegations raise grave doubts regarding its safety and integrity as a wilderness therapy program.

Wilderness therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy that engages participants in nature-based outdoor environments to address mental health issues in troubled teens in an accommodating setting.

The Whispering Woods

Trails Carolina Horror stories forests boast tranquil forests filled with peaceful spirits who haunt an abandoned cabin, leaving its guests unnerved by strange noises ranging from whispers to distant cries, creating an inexplicable unease that cannot be explained rationally.

The haunted forest also houses an old graveyard where ghostly sentinels watch over those buried within weather-worn tombstones. Locals and adventurous travelers are drawn to its mysterious trails that wind through the woods; yet some believe these supernatural happenings could simply be the result of natural forces such as fear or isolation.

Many former participants of Trails Carolina have reported being mistreated by staff members, alleging sexual, emotional, and physical abuse at the camp. Many participants also feel cut off from family and friends as well as not receiving adequate food or sleep at Trails Carolina.

Trails Carolina has come under scrutiny over allegations that it uses isolation rooms to discipline unruly and noncompliant teens, forcing them into the wilderness for extended periods of time without aid. If proven, such practices would constitute a serious breach of trust with its clients and constitute grounds for legal action against Trails Carolina.


Trails Carolina, an esteemed wilderness therapy program in North Carolina, promises transformative experiences and behavioral change for troubled teens. According to its website, its immersive wilderness escapades combine with traditional remedial techniques in order to address a range of issues; however, many former participants and their families have shared tales of abuse from Trails Carolina staff members.

Horror stories often revolve around physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by staff members. Victims claim they were subjected to restraints, solitary confinement and forced labor without adequate equipment or supervision; others allege basic needs were denied such as food and water; in some cases victims reported that medical help couldn’t be sought when they became ill.

An alarming allegation made against Trails Carolina staff involves their reported use of drugs and alcohol during work shifts, often becoming inebriated on duty and engaging in inappropriate relationships with participants. Furthermore, this staff member alleged they only received minimal training prior to working in wilderness settings with participants.

These allegations are disturbing, prompting calls for increased transparency and regulation within the wilderness therapy industry. Parents should conduct extensive research before enrolling their children in wilderness therapy programs; in particular, make sure that any such programs have been licensed or accredited by their state.


Trails Carolina, a wilderness therapy program, has earned itself an unfavorable reputation among former participants and their families. Although the program promises to help troubled teens overcome their issues through outdoor adventure therapy and counseling sessions, a number of allegations of physical and emotional abuse by staff members as well as inadequate staff training or care have surfaced over time.

Trails Carolina horror stories center around Madeline Gruen, who tragically died while hiking with staff from Trails Carolina and highlighted a lack of safety protocols at their camp. Another case involved Daniel Boyette being hit by a vehicle while under supervision by Trails Carolina staff and dying as a result.

Trails Carolina horror stories frequently employ isolation as a discipline method, leading to emotional distress and worsening preexisting mental health conditions for participants. Furthermore, it poses potential physical threats.

Many critics of wilderness therapy programs have called for greater transparency and regulation to protect participants’ safety and wellbeing, and better oversight of therapists who work at these camps.


Trails Carolina, an esteemed wilderness therapy program known for its transformative effects on troubled teens, has also been marred by accusations of abuse, mistreatment, and paranormal activity; such allegations expose a darker side of this program that calls for tighter regulations and accountability.

Trails Carolina was created with the intent of helping struggling teenagers reach recovery through nature therapy and mental health support services, but many former participants have reported being subject to emotional or physical abuse during their participation. Such reports appear at odds with its stated mission of encouraging recovery through nature therapy.

Some claim Trails Carolina staff physically abused them by restraint and throwing them to the ground, with injury claims denied access to adequate medical attention due to being on hikes with Trails Carolina staff members. They further claim verbal harassment and manipulation by staff members.

Alleged incidents of food, water, or medication deprivation include being denied social interaction with peers and families through programs like this one; some have even reported being forced to sleep outside in freezing temperatures while being forced to sleep on the ground overnight.

These allegations should cause parents great concern when considering sending their children to wilderness therapy programs. Before enrolling their child, parents should thoroughly research each program to ensure it conforms with industry standards and prioritizes participant safety and wellbeing.


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