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Unlocking the Potential of Higher-Power IoT Solutions with Evolving Power over Ethernet (PoE)




In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen an explosion of growth. With that growth has come the need for more powerful solutions to handle the rapidly increasing data and computing needs of connected devices. As such, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is now being used to power a variety of IoT solutions. In this blog post, we’ll explore how PoE is unlocking the potential of higher-power IoT solutions and how it can be used to help create secure, reliable connections with minimal downtime. We’ll also look at some of the newest PoE advancements and discuss their implications for creating smarter connected devices.

What is Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that delivers electrical power to devices over an Ethernet cable. It is commonly used to power network devices such as switches, routers, and IP cameras. PoE eliminates the need for a dedicated power supply or AC outlet at the installation site.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for higher-power PoE solutions to support devices such as access points, VoIP phones, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. These devices require more power than what is provided by standard PoE (15.4 watts). As a result, IEEE802.3at-2009 (PoE+) was developed to provide up to 30 watts of power per port.

The latest standard, IEEE802.3bt-2018 (Type 3 & 4), was released in September 2018 and provides up to 90 watts of power per port. This allows for the powering of devices such as virtual reality headsets, large displays, and some industrial equipment.

There are several benefits of using PoE to power IoT devices:

  • Increased flexibility and reduced installation costs: Powering devices over an Ethernet cable eliminates the need for a dedicated power supply or AC outlet at the installation site. This can greatly reduce installation costs, particularly in remote or difficult-to-reach locations.
  • reduced risk of fire: In some installations, running new electrical cables can be cost prohibitive or

How PoE is used in IoT applications

As the world becomes more connected, the demand for power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions is increasing. While low-power solutions are adequate for some applications, many IoT devices require more power to function properly. This is where higher-power PoE comes in. Higher-power PoE can provide up to 60 watts of power, which is enough to power most IoT devices.

There are a variety of ways that higher-power PoE can be used in IoT applications. One way is to use it to power sensors and other devices that need to be constantly powered on. Another way is to use it to provide backup power in case of a power outage. Additionally, higher-power PoE can be used to charge batteries for IoT devices that are not continuously powered on.

One of the benefits of using higher-power PoE in IoT applications is that it can help reduce costs. This is because higher-power PoE solutions are often more energy-efficient than other types of power sources. Additionally, using higher-power PoE can help extend the life of batteries in IoT devices by reducing the number of times they need to be charged.

Another benefit of using higher-power PoE in IoT applications is that it can improve performance. This is because devices that are constantly powered on tend to perform better than those that are only powered on occasionally. Additionally, using higher-power PoE can help ensure that data collected by IoT devices is reliable and accurate.

The benefits of using PoE in IoT applications

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve, so does the demand for higher-power devices and applications. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that has been around for many years and is well-suited to meeting the needs of these higher-power IoT solutions. PoE provides a number of benefits that make it an ideal choice for powering IoT devices.

The first benefit of PoE is that it simplifies the deployment of IoT devices. With PoE, there is no need to run separate power cables to each device. This can save time and money during installation and make it easier to add new devices to an existing system.

Another benefit of PoE is that it can provide a reliable source of power. PoE supplies power through the Ethernet cable, which means that it is not subject to fluctuations in AC power or brownouts. This can be important for mission-critical applications where even a brief power outage could cause problems.

PoE also offers flexibility in terms of how much power is delivered to each device. With some types of PoE, up to 60 watts can be delivered over an Ethernet cable. This allows for a wide range of possible applications, from low-power sensors to high-power video cameras.

Finally, PoE provides a level of security and safety that is often critical in industrial applications. Because the power is delivered over an Ethernet cable, it cannot be tampered with or disconnected without physical

The challenges of using PoE in IoT applications

The challenges of using PoE in IoT applications are twofold. First, data communications and power requirements for IoT devices are constantly evolving, making it difficult to keep up with the latest standards. Second, the delivery of power over Ethernet cabling is often not as straightforward as it is for other types of devices. As a result, designing and deploying PoE-based IoT solutions can be complex and time-consuming.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is an essential part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and allows for the easy transmission of both data and power. As PoE continues to evolve, it has enabled more efficient power delivery and higher-power solutions that can be used in a wide range of applications. By leveraging PoE’s potential with advanced technologies, companies have the opportunity to unlock powerful IoT solutions with ease while delivering significant cost savings. With its continued evolution, PoE will remain at the forefront of high-power IoT solutions for years to come.


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