What are the Parameters of Laser Marking?


Various customizable parameters in laser marking machines and processing might influence the results you get on particular material or substrate. For certain materials, different combinations work well. The following are the important factors that will have an impact on your final grade:

Power of the Laser:

Current power usage is a percentage of the total amount of power available to you. For instance, if I use my program to run a 20-watt fiber laser at a 50% power setting, I am using approximately half of the laser’s available power.


Laser light is sent in bursts or pulses, with the number of bursts sent each second determined by the frequency of the “lasitlaser.ru”. Reduce frequencies are more aggressive, whereas raising them increases the amount of heat produce while reducing aggression.

Speed of Scanning:

The speed at which the laser beam travels across the object’s surface is processed during the processing process. The laser scan head beam delivery system regulates this pace. From 10 mm/sec to 7000+ mm/sec, this speed can be achieved. There are no limits to the number of passes or loops you can do with this setting.

Fill Pattern:

Density, angle, and fill pattern can all be customized by the user of the laser marking machine. To get the right kind of mark, you need to pay attention to the fill as well. Following are parameters Laser marking.

PPI Laser Marking Parameter:

The PPI parameter pulses per inch specify laser pulses per inch as needed. Adjust the dpi to be the same as or more than the print setting’s dpi to get the best results. If you leave this option at “Auto,” Job Control will choose the best laser pulse resolution for you.

Hz-based Laser Marking Parameter:

The Frequency parameter is critical throughout the cutting process and is expressed in Hertz (Hz). The number of laser pulses per second is specified here. The frequency range for a CO2 laser is between 1,000 to 60,000 Hz. When cutting acrylic, for example, greater temperatures are required for a smooth edge.

Z-direction Laser Marking Parameter:

The z-offset describes the focus setting. Zero z-offset means “in focus”. Which means the focus is on the exact surface of the substance. On the other hand, deliberate defocusing can be useful in some situations of laser marking machines. To provide a consistent engraving finish, defocus the laser by 2mm when engraving large regions.

Pass Parameter of Laser Marking Machine:

Pass parameter controls how many engraves or cuts there are in a given area. Engraving with low power and high speed and then repeating. The process might be useful with particular materials, such as wood. As a result, less stress is placed on the material in each pass. If you’re making a relief engraving, this method might work well.

Laser Material Database Parameters:

In the laser material database, all laser parameters have undergone extensive testing. Small changes to the material database characteristics may be required to produce visually distinct outcomes based on the specific application. You can get a darker engraving in wood if you increase the power value of the laser marking machine. As a result, the engraving is considerably more detailed.

Marking Parameters for Fiber Optic via laser:

There are a few settings to work with while using a fiber laser marking machine. They have a significant impact on the marking or engraving process. The marking speed is one of the parameters. As an illustration, consider indicating the scope of a project. We can engrave and cut thin metal to a tolerance of about 100mm. Within a millimeter, materials such as copper, aluminum, and gold are found.


Laser marking machine has a wide range of uses and is commonly conducted with a fiber. Pulse, continuous wave, green, or UV laser equipment. Simply put, laser marking is a long-term procedure that leaves a permanent mark on a surface by shining. A concentrated beam of light over it.

At the same time, creating permanent traceable marks on various materials such as steel and titanium. Laser marking may also be automated and process at high speeds.


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