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What Are The Three Major Stages Of the Essay Writing Process?




Essay writing is one of the most sought-after academic assignments that all students, irrespective of their standards, have to deal with. Essays are of various types, and different assignments ask students to polish different skills or follow different sets of rules to win the task. Some ask you to keep your tone formal and stuff your document with information only. At the same time, others ask writers to be persuasive, so their audience starts believing in their words. Still, others want you to choose a very descriptive writing style to help your audience know about something new.

Argumentation is another important skill that essay writers must develop to clear their position on a certain topic of interest. The requirements for writing a good essay depend on the exact nature of your writing task; however, by following some general guidelines, one can easily at least write an intermediate-level essay. Thus, this article will help you know more about the essay writing process so that whatever your essay type is, you can at least take a head start.

The Essay Writing Process:

The essay writing process starts by deciding on a unique topic that explains the nature of your essay. Moving ahead, the next phase is to narrow the scope of your topic or decide which aspect of the topic of interest you will discuss. Then it comes to finding the supporting details and creating a perfect outline to streamline the essay writing process. Later on, choosing your own magical words to cast a spell over your readers is the most important step. Lastly, you have to cross-check whether what you wrote is grammatically and contextually correct or if you need some revisions. Once satisfied with your final draft, you must pat your back as you have done with your essay.

Three Stages Of The Essay Writing Process:

All these steps can be divided into three main stages. The first is to conduct detailed planning, the second is to write down what you have decided in the planning phase, and the last is to review your work to appreciate your efforts.

Pre-Writing Phase:

When we make hangout plans, we must first decide where to go, how many pennies we must have in our pocket, and when the plan will be executed. In the same way, when one sits to write an essay, planning is still important. The pre or planning phase of writing needs students to answer an entirely different set of questions. The following are some of these questions that help you know which vital decision you need to make in the pre-writing phase of the essay-writing process:

  1. What will be the topic of the essay?
  2. Which writing device or strategy do you use to write a perfect draft?
  3. What will be the ideal sources to collect the information for writing a perfect essay?
  4. How will the widely scattered pieces of information be clipped together?

Writing Phase:

The second stage of the essay writing process is the writing phase. Writing is, without any doubt, difficult, but once you start playing with words, it will amuse you. It seems the lengthiest phase of the essay writing process but the more organised you will be while turning your outline into an essay easier it will be to finish the task in a timely manner. Just pay special attention to grammar or word selection for a good essay. Additionally, always try to ensure that the transition between different ideas is smooth so the reader can read your manuscript in the shortest available time.

Post-Writing Phase:

The last stage of the essay writing process that seems less important to the majority of the students is the post-writing phase. Believe me, it is not least important at all. Rather, by keenly reviewing the manuscript, one can even turn the garbage into golden words. If you do not agree with my point, you must do an activity now. Write any sentence of your choice, rearrange the words, and read it aloud. After doing so, you will observe that the quality of our words has increased 10X.

Moreover, finding your own mistakes is promising, so to make this step easier, you can also seek help from the best essay writing services. Their experts will ensure error-free submission on your behalf.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, the three main stages of the essay writing process are the pre or planning phase, the writing phase, and the post writing or editing phase. All these three stages collectively help you make a winning essay, and no one stage can be prioritised over the others. Now, following this three-staged process, you can write an essay on any topic of your choice.


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