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 YouTube is undoubtedly the greatest platform to watch your favorite videos, but there are some people who’re just interested to listen to music, for them this article is totally based on YouTube to MP3 downloaders and converters that will help you to extract your favorite music out of a YouTube video. There are many platforms to convert YouTube to mp3 if you’re more interested in audio than the whole videos. The best YouTube to Mp3 converter will help you to easily convert from YT to mp3 within seconds by just copying the link of YouTube video and pasting it on the software, and in some clicks, your audio will be ready.

YouTube to MP3 downloadersYouTube to MP3 downloaders

There are hundreds of YouTube mp3 downloader software’s out there, which claims to be an excellent YouTube converter, but it’s hard to identify that which one of those is the best YouTube to mp3 converter. When you download some of this software, it will automatically make you download different software’s too, which is of no use. This will only make your system slow, and you’ll be annoyed by the downloading process. The software which directly downloads without creating a user download additional software and works without sign up process are the best ones. In some YouTube videos, only the audio is important for you, so instead of watching the whole YouTube video, it is better to download mp3 and listen to it anytime you want while doing your other stuff.

Advantages of YT to mp3 Advantages of YT to mp3

YouTube converter has many benefits, and you can easily find a free mp3 YouTube converter, which will help you to convert mp4 files into audio ones.

Some of the benefits of YouTube mp3 downloader software are as follows

  • They easily convert mp4 YouTube videos into mp3 at high speed as compared to the online platforms which are used to convert YouTube to mp3
  • Without filling any form or without sign up they’re able to convert your videos into mp3. Usually, people are scared of getting spammed or hacked by signing up on this software. 
  • This software is capable of converting more than one YouTube video at a time. 

If you’re still unclear about the actual purpose of free mp3 YouTube converter software’s and if you still think that to convert YouTube to mp3 is a hectic task then you can utilize the software like SoundCloud, Google Music or Spotify in which you won’t need to convert mp4 in audio files as you can directly listen to your audios on these platforms. If you’ve understood the purpose of this software, then you must read this article further as we’ve covered some of the best YouTube mp3 downloaders which are tested, and it works perfectly. We’ll tell you the features of these software’s and all are free to download without any risk of spamming, viruses or bugs.

1. DVD Video Soft 

This free mp3 YouTube converter is one of the best platforms to convert YouTube to mp3 audio files that can easily be downloaded in the mobile version of the PC version. The video file can easily be converted into an audio file by just a couple of taps. Apart from this feature, Free YouTube to Mp3 converter has other capabilities too which includes, preventing to download a file if it has already been downloaded before, the link of YouTube video (if copied) can automatically be pasted in the program, it can download the thumbnails of a video, it can create your iTunes playlist by adding mp3 files and can also download the audios even if the proxy is turned on.

DVD video soft converter

If you are looking for additional features such as download the whole playlist or more than one video on a single time, then you must purchase their premium version. The free version can download only one video at a time. The price of premium free YouTube to MP3 converter is 99$ for a lifetime.

  • It is easy to utilize
  • The design is user friendly
  • The amazing features include the creation of iTunes, saving of video images, proxy downloads, etc.
  • The ads about their premium version keep on coming again and again.
  • It can only download one file at a time
  • The speed of downloading is slow as compared to the speed of the premium version
  • It has several bugs

You can download free YouTube to Mp3 converter from here: DVD Video Soft 

2. Freemake YouTube to Mp3 Boom

Freemake YouTube to mp3 Boom is one of the best software for finding your favorite YouTube music. It has numerous features, which include downloading your mp4 and music videos, converting YouTube to mp3. Apart from these features, you can also share your favorite music from twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to this software, which will bring all your favorite music to one single platform.Freemake YouTube to Mp3 Boom

The amazing thing about Freemake YouTube to Mp3 boom, which other software doesn’t have is that you don’t need to open your YouTube, look for your favorite music, copy the link of video from YouTube to this software. Instead of doing all this hard work, you can directly search your favorite music through the search bar of this software and then automatically download the mp4 video file into the Mp3 audio file. It will save you time, and you’ll be able to extract your favorite music from the long video.

  • The software is free to use
  • It contains no ads which means you won’t be interrupted while using the software to extract the music from the videos
  • It has a search bar by default, which means you can directly search your favorite music here rather than searching from YouTube.
  • You can download more than one file at a time.
  • The results are not always trusted. It can give you the wrong results too.
  • The UI style isn’t that efficient
  • Download files automatically without permission, which can probably bring the virus to your computer.

You can download free YouTube to Mp3 converter from here: Freemake YouTube to Mp3 Boom

3. Video downloader for YouTube for free

Free Video Downloader is another amazing platform to download the audios and videos. You can download a video in mp4 format or extract the music from a video too. You can also download both mp4 and mp3 versions of a single video at the same time. The best thing about this software is that you won’t be interrupted with any sort of ads while downloading your music, and it won’t force you to download other apps which you don’t require with Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

The interface is simpler to use and easier to understand. It is capable to download 3 files at a time. The speed of downloading is fast, and you won’t find any difficulty using this tool. Extracting music from the videos isn’t Rocket Science, too, and you can easily extract it.

  • You don’t have to pay any money to download it. It is free of cost.
  • You won’t be interrupted by any ads during the downloading of a file.
  • The interface is simple to use and easy to understand.
  • It is capable of converting YouTube videos into different formats, including mp3 and mp4.
  • It can download three files at a time
  • It has a limited number of options and functions.
  • It is not capable of downloading the whole playlist.

4. 4K Video Downloader

4K video downloader is a free mp3 YouTube converter that is highly efficient, strong, and software with numerous features that can be used to download any type of video from YouTube and can convert YouTube to mp3 format. The software is easier for you and simpler to understand. You can easily go on YouTube; copy the video you want to convert into mp3 and paste the link on the software.

Your video file will be extracted into the audio file. The video file can be extracted into multiple files, including Mp3, Mp3, M4a, and 3gp. 4k Video Downloader is capable of converting the whole playlists at a time. The maximum capacity 4k Video Downloader contains is 24 videos. If you purchase a key worth $12, your software will be upgraded to the premium version, and you’ll be able to convert more videos at one time. The software can also convert videos from other platforms, including daily motion and Vimeo.

  • The version which is free also has many features
  • The videos can be downloaded and converted in the best quality.
  • Apart from YouTube, it is also capable of downloading the videos from other platforms including daily motion
  • It has the capacity to download 24 videos at a time.
  • Your videos can be downloaded through proxy too
  • You’ll only get to use all the features if you purchase the key, which makes the software premium.
  • It works best on PC, and other people have complained who’re using this on MAC. 

5. aTube catcher 

aTube catcher is one of the best software with numerous functions that allows you to extract the music from any YouTube video. They offer many different formats, including FLAC, WMA, WAV, and the most famous MP3. The features of aTube catcher include the customization of downloading location, download as many files you want at the same time you can also turn on turbo feature, which increases the speed of downloading. Apart from that, if you put Your Best laptop to sleep and turn on the task completion feature, it will download your files. The problem regarding an aTube catcher is that you’ll be interrupted several times with ads during your downloading process.

There is also a chance that it will force you to download other applications at the time of installing an aTube catcher in your PC. No doubt, aTube catcher is an amazing software that has so many features that you can benefit from. The interface is user friendly and is easier to understand and use. From beginners to experts, no one will face any difficulty using this application. aTube catcher is surely one of the best software to extract music from a YouTube video.

  • There are no additional charges hidden in this software, and it is free to install and use.
  • It works on many different platforms including YouTube
  • The features of aTube catcher are uncountable including a feature of converting YouTube video to mp3
  • Different export formats.
  • It is not capable of downloading the entire playlists
  • You’ll be forced to see ads during the installation process
  • aTube catcher will make you download additional software
  • The user interface can act as a strange one for beginners.

6. Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter is one of the most known software which converts YouTube videos to MP3 format. If you were finding a powerful and versatile YouTube to mp3 converter, then this software will prove to be a perfect one for you. The name itself shows the purpose of this software. The name shows that a normal video can be converted into any format you want, but you’ll be glad to hear that Any Video Converter is also capable of converting YouTube video to mp3, which you need the most. Apart from the feature of extracting music from YouTube videos, it has numerous different features too, which you can benefit from. One thing you must keep in mind while installing the software is that you should refuse to install other apps with it. The user interface is simpler to use and easy to understand. From beginners to experts, no one will face any difficulty while using this software. You just have to find your favorite YouTube video, copy the link of that video and paste it to the software and convert it to mp3.


  • Amazing format choices.
  • Additional effects and different filters.
  • Everything can be used for free
  • User Interface is easier to use.

7. 4K YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to Mp3 is the same software as the 4K video downloader, which was discussed4K YouTube to MP3 above. The only difference this software has as compared to the other one is that it is specially designed to extract the music from YouTube videos. You can extract the music from YouTube videos in different formats, including M4A and OGG. You also have the option to choose the highest bitrate possible while downloading to get the highest possible speed, and you can customize your download to the best quality too. The users have shared their positive experiences that they never faced any difficulty. Apart from YouTube, 4K YouTube to Mp3 works well on different platforms, including SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr.

All you need to do is copy the link of the video and paste it to the software bar and start downloading it. The best part about 4K YouTube to MP3 software is that it won’t make you download any software which is of no use during the installation process. If you are looking to download a huge number of songs at a time, let’s say a whole playlist, then you must purchase the upgraded version of this software. We recommend you use the free version as it is the best software for daily purposes.


  • There is no need to install any additional software with 4K YouTube to MP3.
  • There are multiple formats in which you can convert your YouTube video.
  • The User Interface isn’t complex, and it is easier to use and simpler to understand.
  • Apart from YouTube, it also supports SoundCloud, Facebook, and many more platforms. 

8. Click Grab

Click Grab is also an amazing tool when it comes to converting YouTube to mp3. It can be called as one of the best YouTube mp3 downloaders because of its numerous features. The conversion process from YouTube video to audio is an easy task to do. At the time of installation, it will make you install Opera Browser, but it is your choice; you can skip the step if you want. It has the easiest user interface. From beginner to expert, everyone can easily install their favorite music through Click Grab.

All you need to do is go to YouTube, find the video you want to convert and copy the link of that video. Click Grab will automatically paste it in their paste bar and will give you the video suggestions with formats. You can select the format and easily download and convert the video. You must tap on the “Grab this clip” button to convert the YouTube video to Mp3 format or any other format you like.

9. Vid Paw YouTube to Mp3 Converter

When you’re talking about YouTube to Mp3 Converter, how can you forget the Vid Paw site which is one of the best YouTube to mp3 converters you can find online. They’re giving the services and advanced features for free, which other platforms charge the money to get. Vid Paw is capable of converting YouTube to mp3 on different bitrates from 65 to 320kbps.

Another best thing about Vid Paw is that you’ll never be interrupted from the pop up of ads, and you can download and convert your video without any kind of disturbance. The user interface is easier to use and simpler to understand. You just need to find your favorite video from YouTube which you want to convert in mp3, copy the link of that video and paste in the bar of Vid Paw and click convert. Your video will automatically convert into mp3 in a couple of minutes.

10. Converto

The easiest way to convert YT to mp3 is through Converto website. Instead of downloading free mp3 YouTube converter software, you can directly open Converto software. The user interface of the website is simpler to use and easy to understand. You just need to find the video you are looking to convert, copy the video link from YouTube and paste it in the bar of Converto. The website will give you the video suggestions and options to pick your desired bitrate. Once you select the bitrate, you’re ready to convert your video.  If you think downloading software for converting video to mp3 is hectic, then this online web-based Converto is perfect for you. 

  • You can convert your YouTube videos to Mp3 without downloading or signing up.
  • You won’t be interrupted during converting as advertisements won’t pop up when you’re downloading and converting the videos.
  • The design is user friendly and easier to use and understand.

  • Only ordinary conversion of videos to mp3 can be done on this website. Converto doesn’t contain advanced features.
  • If you fail to convert your video within a day, then the download link will be expired.

This is the website where you can convert videos through Converto: – converto

11. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is one of the oldest web-based YouTube to mp3 converters in the market. This converter is famous when the other converters didn’t even exist. Though it can work with YouTube videos only, it offers you multiple formats with the best quality bitrates in which you can download and convert your videos. You can customize the format by clicking the orange button, and you can start converting the videos to your desired format by clicking on the green button.

  • You don’t have to download any software, and signing up isn’t even required too. To convert the YouTube videos in your desired format, you can just open the website.
  • There is an upload option which you can use for uploading the result to google drive. 
  • It only supports YouTube. You should find other converters if you’re looking to convert from other platforms.
  • It is a web-based converter which has bugs on Android and IOS version. 

This is the website where you can convert videos through Converto: – y2mate

12. Convert2MP3 

Convert2Mp3 is also an amazing website if you’re looking to convert the videos from multiple websites. Convert2mp3 can support different platforms, including YouTube, Clip fish, Tune PK, and Dailymotion. You can take your desired video from any of these platforms you like, and you can easily convert it by pasting the URL in the bar. It will show you the suggestions of videos in different formats, and you can pick one format you want and can convert it without any problem. Sometimes the speed of downloading will vary and can go down if there are more users on the website. You can convert the videos to both video form and audio form.


  • You don’t need to sign up download any sort of file
  • Video thumbnails can be added on mp3 audio file


  • Convert2Mp3 doesn’t contain a huge number of features that other ones have on this list.
  • Ads will pop up during the time of video conversion.

This is the website where you can convert videos through Converto: – 


13. YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is the last tool in our list and most famous one. It is the oldest tool that has the most number of users. YTD Video downloader supports the videos from more than 60 platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and Daily Motion. It also covers all types of formats, including both Mp3 and Mp4. The software can easily be found on the internet. After the YTD Video Downloader is installed on your computer, you just need to find the video from any supported platform and copy the video link from there. YTD Video Downloader will automatically paste it in its tab and will give you options of different formats and multiple bitrates to convert the video.

  • It contains a player too, which other converters don’t have.
  • You can pause or resume downloads too.
  • The user interface is easier to use and simpler to understand.
  • It is less time consuming, and you can easily convert your video within a few taps. 
  • Only YTD Video Downloader Pro allows you to convert more than one video at a time. If you’re using the free version, you can only convert one video.
  • You might face low speed sometimes, and there is a possibility that your conversion can be canceled in between. 

Benefits of Mp3 YouTube Converters

There is a number of free mp3 YouTube converters that are web-based or in the form of software and apps. They’re capable of converting videos of YouTube to mp3 format. Many of these websites and software also support the videos of other platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Sound Cloud. Though some prefer to watch videos directly from YouTube, if in case they don’t have an active internet connection, they can watch the videos by just downloading them.

benefits of mp3 youtube converter

Some just prefer to listen to mp3 tracks, which will work even if their mobile is turned off. The job of the Mp3 YouTube converter is to convert the videos from YT to mp3 format. The benefits of doing this are as follows.

  • If by chance your YouTube offline mode isn’t working or you haven’t saved your favorite music, here the job of converters starts as they’d download your desired videos and extract the audios from it in mp3 format without the internet
  • Instead of saving YouTube videos, you can just download the videos and convert it through any converter. You can then make your own playlist consisting of your favorite songs which you can listen to it no matter wherever you are.
  • Once you have converted the songs you wanted, your job is done here. You wouldn’t need YouTube or any converters again to listen to your songs as they’ve already been saved to your phones.

Final Words

This article contains all the best YouTube to mp3 converters, which are user friendly, simpler to use, easier to understand, and will convert any type of YouTube video into mp3 format. The first and most important thing you should decide before using a converter is that how many videos you’re looking to convert into mp3 format. If you want to convert more than three videos, then you must download a YouTube mp3 downloader as they’ll work fast as compared to the web-based tool. By going through this article, you’ll get to pick the best YouTube to mp3 converters, and you’ll be able to convert your desired video into music with ease.


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