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10 review statistics that are important for online  business owners 




Online reviews have gained growing significance in managing a prosperous business. Given that most consumers review feedback before buying, staying abreast of current online review statistics is vital. This article delves into 10 crucial statistics for businesses, shedding light on the influence of online reviews on their overall performance. Covering topics such as the significance of positive reviews and the enduring consequences of negative feedback, these statistics offer valuable perspectives on how online reviews can impact a business positively or adversely.

The significance of online reviews for businesses is multi-faceted:

  1. More People Notice You and Trust You: When folks say good things about your business online, it helps you get seen and trusted. Positive reviews are like a thumbs-up to potential customers, making them more likely to choose your business.
  2. Google Likes You More: If your customers talk about your products or services in their reviews, using the same words people type into Google, it makes Google like your business more. This means you’re more likely to pop up higher when people search online.
  3. Customers Give You Tips on How to Get Better: When customers leave reviews, they’re basically telling you what you’re doing well and where you can improve. It’s like getting free advice on how to make your business even better.
  4. You Can Fix Problems Before They Get Big: If someone leaves a not-so-great review, it’s a chance for you to step in, say sorry, and fix the issue. This helps stop a bad situation from getting worse and shows other people that you care about making things right.
  5. Happy Customers Help You Advertise: When people say nice things about your business, you can share those comments on social media or in your ads. It’s like your customers are helping you spread the word and attract new customers.
  6. More Good Reviews Mean More Sales: Studies show that if your business has lots of positive reviews, more people are likely to become actual customers. So, getting those good reviews can really boost your sales.
  7. You Get to Know Your Customers Better: By reading what people say about your business, you can understand what they like and want. This helps you give them what they’re looking for, which can lead to them coming back again and again.

10 online review statistics businesses should know

Now that you grasp what online reviews are and their importance for businesses, let’s explore 10 key online review statistics for 2023.

  1. Bad Reviews Hurt: One bad review can turn away around 30 customers, says a survey. So, it’s essential to keep things positive.
  2. People Read a Lot: Most folks read about 10 reviews before deciding if a business is good or not. So, having plenty of reviews matters.
  3. Good Reviews Make You Money: If a website has positive reviews, 63% of people are more likely to buy stuff from there. So, good reviews equal more sales.
  4. Google Likes Reviews: Google thinks highly of businesses with good reviews. In fact, 13% of how Google ranks local search results is based on reviews. So, it helps your business show up more in Google searches.
  5. Reviews Are Like Trusted Advice: People trust online reviews almost as much as advice from friends. If someone they don’t know leaves a good review, 70% of people trust it. So, reviews from strangers matter.
  6. Positive Reviews Get Clicks: Positive reviews can increase clicks on a website by up to 35%. More clicks mean more people checking out your business online.
  7. Bad Reviews Stick Around: Negative reviews can have a long-lasting impact. About 42% of people say they’d avoid a business for up to a year after reading a bad review. So, they can hurt for a while.
  8. Good Reviews = More Sales: A whopping 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Positive reviews are a big deal for making sales and keeping customers coming back.
  9. Reviews Shape Buying Choices: A big chunk, 72% to be exact, say that good reviews make them trust a business more. This trust makes them more likely to buy something from that business.
  10. Trust in online reviews extends to positive feedback from strangers, with 70% of consumers expressing greater trust when encountering positive reviews from unfamiliar individuals, according to BrightLocal.

So, in a nutshell, good reviews are like gold for businesses. They bring in customers, make Google like you, and keep the sales rolling in. But bad reviews? Well, they can stick around and do some damage.


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