6 Best Free Website Builder Software

6 Best Free Website Builder Software

You are operating a small business and simultaneously looking for a website. Your next step involves searching on the internet how to build a website, right? All you find is one thing,’ you should learn how to code.’ The problem is that you are clueless when it comes to coding; hence, you pay many dollars to a web designer to build your website. The good news is this scenario doesn’t exist anymore; all hail to the free website builders.

Here we have lined up some top free website builder software that can make your website task easy;


Wix has around 180 million active users worldwide and is known to be the best free website builder software option. No coding skills are needed here, as the drag and drop option enables you to create a website without hassle. All you have to do is select the website category, the industry, and the Wix Artificial Intelligence Design does the work for you.

Its free version offers you 500 MB storage, hosting services, and a free domain and also allows you to include royalty-free images on the website from your Wix library. Wix also prepares automatic backups when your laptop stops operating. Wix helps you integrate social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook for high reach. The premium plan of the platform includes 35 GB, unlimited bandwidth, and personal domain.


The 64 million active users of WordPress across the globe make it the most extensive free website building platform software. This website builder offers SEO tools that give you a better ranking on Google search. WordPress is not restricted to one language; it supports around 65 languages, due to which you can even create a multilingual website.

WordPress offers four paid plans, 3GB storage in its free version, and allows over 58000 plugins through which you can have complete control over your website.

 Moreover, WordPress offers a free SSL certificate, due to which you don’t have to worry about your data. It has also partnered with PayPal to handle payments related to selling products and services. Finally, the near endless number of plugins available (e.g., WordPress accessibility plugins) allow you maximum creative flexibility.


Weebly allows you to select from 50 templates for designing your website, and it also organizes templates in various categories like blogs, portfolios, and business. Through its free version, you can sell, and during writing, the website builder supports around 30 million websites. The PayPal processing for this option is available in 25 countries.

Services like chat support, community, and email support are there in the free version, and the phone support is applicable in the paid plans.So enjoy integrated marketing solutions like email campaigns, Facebook ads in this option. You can build an attractive website through tools like grid layout and extensive image backgrounds.


Webnode offers website building in approximately 20 languages, and you are also given extensive support in each language. It also has a storage tracker through which you can monitor how much storage has been used.

Moreover, if you cannot fix any error, you can quickly restore to an earlier version, but to use this tool, a paid plan is required. Webnode also enables you to set up 100 different email accounts, with 1 GB storage in each account.


This is the most suitable option for individuals to build a one-page website. The website builder also comes up with an onboarding tour feature so that you can become familiar with the services. As soon as your website becomes life, you can change templates as many times as you want. Strikingly is the only website that offers this feature.

In its free plan, you can create as many websites as you want, with its 5 GB bandwidth each month. Moreover, you can sell one product per site but create multiple pages’ websites in the paid version.Not only that, it strikingly comes with 50 GB bandwidth per month and a custom domain in the paid version where five products can be sold on the website.


Elementor comes with a separate interface for the pages and posts. This is the builder that works on the front end; hence the result is available on the spot. It enables you to select from 90 elements, including carousels, images, testimonials, etc., to design the website.

It can operate with all WordPress themes and offers 150 templates and 300 paid templates from its library. The live preview option enables you to view the website as a visitor. Most importantly, Elementor offers a new WooCommerce builder feature for the tasks.

These are some of the top free website builder software that can ease your task and help you create an attractive website where visitors can browse things and increase traffic.


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