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Scraping and Web Scraping API

If you are a complete beginner in this field, you may discover additional information about web scraping after this blog. Web scraping (also known as web data extraction, screen scraping, or web harvesting) obtains information from websites. It converts web data dispersed across sites into structured data that may be stored in a spreadsheet on your local computer or communicated to a database.

It might be tough for folks who do not code to create a web scraper. Fortunately, online scraping software is accessible for users with and without programming abilities. Also, whether you’re a data scientist or researcher, employing a web scraper improves your data collecting efficiency.

The following is a list of the most popular Web scraping API free tools. I just grouped them under the software category, even though they span from open-source libraries to browser extensions to desktop software and more.

The Best FREE Web Scraping API

Lovely Soup

is for developers with programming skills who want to construct a web scraper/crawler to crawl websites.

Why should you utilize it: Beautiful Soup is an open-source Python tool for scraping HTML and XML files from the web. It is the most well-known and extensively used Python parser. If you have programming abilities, this package works best when used with Python.


That is this for: Professionals who do not have coding expertise and need to scrape online data on a large scale. This web scraping program is popular among online merchants, marketers, researchers, and data analysts.

Why should you use it: Octoparse is a free-to-use SaaS web data platform. With its simple interface, you may scrape site data in a few points and clicks. It also includes ready-to-use web scraping templates for extracting data from Amazon, eBay, Twitter, BestBuy, and other websites. Octoparse also offers an online data service if you need a one-stop data solution.


Who is this for Enterprises with a limited budget seeking online data integration solutions?

Why should you utilize it: Import.io is an online data platform as a service. It offers a web scraping service, allowing you to scrape from websites and arrange it into data sets. They can get insight by integrating online data into analytic solutions for sales and marketing.

Mozenda Enterprises and enterprises that require scalable data.

Why you should use it: Mozenda is a data extraction tool that makes it simple to gather online material. In addition, they offer data visualization services, and it eliminates the requirement for a data analyst to be hired. In addition, the Mozenda team provides services to tailor integration possibilities.


Data analysts, marketers, and researchers don’t know how to code.

Why should you utilize it: ParseHub is a visual online scraping tool for obtaining data from the internet. You may get the data by clicking on any of the fields on the page. It also features an IP rotation feature that allows you to change your IP address when you meet malicious websites that use anti-scraping measures.


is intended for SEO and marketing.

Why should you utilize it: CrawlMonster is a web scraping program that is available for free. It allows you to scan websites and examine their content, source code, page status, and so on.


Who is this for Enterprises searching for a web data integration solution?

Why you should utilize it: Connotate has collaborated with Import.io, which offers automated online data scraping solutions. It offers an online data service that allows you to scrape, gather, and manage data.

Crawl, Common

Who should use this: Researchers, students, and professors.

The concept of open source in the digital age inspired the creation of Common Crawl. It makes open datasets of crawled websites available, including raw web page data, metadata extractions, and text extractions.


Who is this for People who need basic data?

Crawly is an automated web scraping solution that scrapes a website and converts unstructured data into structured forms such as JSON and CSV. They can extract a limited number of components in seconds, including Title Text, HTML, Comments, DateEntity Tags, Author, Image URLs, Videos, Publisher, and Country.

Content Gatherer

Python programmers who are well-versed in the language

Why should you utilize it: Content Grabber is a web scraping tool aimed at businesses. You may construct your web scraping agents with its integrated third-party tools. It is quite adaptable when working with complicated websites and data extraction.

Diffbot is number eleven

Developers and entrepreneurs.

Why should you utilize it: Diffbot is a web scraping program that extracts data from web pages using machine learning, algorithms, and public APIs. Diffbot may be used for competition analysis, pricing tracking, customer behavior study, and a variety of other tasks.


Why should you utilize it: Dexi.io is a web crawler that runs in the browser. It offers three kinds of robots: extractors, crawlers, and pipes. PIPES includes a Master robot capability that allows a single robot to control numerous jobs. It offers a wide range of third-party services (captcha solvers, cloud storage, and so on) that you can connect to your robots.


Why should you utilize it: Data Scraping Studio is a free online scraping application for collecting information from web pages, HTML, XML, and PDF documents. For the time being, the desktop client is only available for Windows.

Simple Web Extract

Businesses with restricted data requirements, marketers, and researchers lack programming abilities.

Why should you utilize it: Easy Web Extract is a business-oriented visual web scraping application. It can extract material (text, URL, picture, and files) from web pages and convert the results to various formats.


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