8 Reasons Why Being A Listing Agent Is Better Than Being A Buyers Agent

8 Reasons Why Being A Listing Agent Is Better Than Being A Buyers Agent

Today I’d like to discuss why you should try to become a real estate listing agent rather than a Buyers agent! I KNOW that getting buyer leads is far simpler than getting seller leads, but focusing on listing (or seller) tips will significantly impact your real estate firm

Why Being A Listing Agent Is Better Than Being A Buyers Agent

If you’re unsure whether to focus your real estate marketing efforts on sellers or buyers, here are my top eight suggestions for seller agent success!

They have a legal obligation to collaborate with you!

When I first started in real estate, I imagined myself solely as a buyer’s agent (this was before I ever had one in my car). It was a big deal for me! I was adept at the internet at a time when most agents didn’t even have their websites, and prospecting for buyers is, to put it mildly, like shooting fish in a barrel.

Buyers, on the other hand, lost their lustre quickly for me the first time I schlepped a family about for two days looking at properties, only to have their phone the next day, all delighted, to tell me they had put an offer in on an FSBO townhouse without me. Sigh.

A listing agreement is a legally binding document that you sign with a seller. They can’t just disappear and say they’ve decided to go with another agency; you’d have to release them and still be eligible for a referral bonus or other pay for all of your efforts.

As a listing agent, you have more control over your time

It is a MAJOR one! As the seller’s agent, you establish the schedule for your appointments, open houses, inspections, and showings. Most of a buyer’s agent’s day is spent at night and on weekends when their customers have the time to look, but selling representatives can work on a more typical schedule.

For example, I would list appointments anytime between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays and occasionally on Saturdays if they couldn’t make it. But consider this: if they need to see their accountant or lawyer, they will take the time throughout the week, so why not their real estate professional?

Make a timetable for yourself and stick to it to the best of your ability!

Every listing nearly always results in two buyer sales.

Is a lot of fun! Since the beginning of time (well, primarily over years of data collection), it has been discovered that there are two buyer sales for every listing. It occurs when you receive sign calls or online leads on your listing and then make discoveries to determine what they are looking for and convert them from a random stranger to a buyer you can deal with or send to another agent in your company.

Don’t be that agent who states the specifics of your property and then hangs up; instead, find out what it was about the listing that piqued their interest and then attempts to entice them into an exclusive buyer relationship with you or your team!

Your experience and knowledge may be highly beneficial to your vendors’ success!

When you advertise your first home, you may feel as if you are not the right person for the job. Perhaps you have excellent customer service abilities or are prepared to go above and beyond to sell their house because it is your first listing! How can you have an experience that will aid them in their success? In my instance, I had prior marketing skills that I applied to real estate.

After a few transactions, you’ll be an expert in how to appropriately price a property for sale, educate them about condition and location, and assist them in becoming successful listers.

Suppose you’re going to every broker opportunity and open house you can find. Determine whether the pricing and condition are consistent, what features are standard in the neighbourhood, and what the competition is doing to advertise those properties.

You have the potential to be a farmer.

I am a HUGE fan of marketing to farms! It is when you choose a neighbourhood and launch a marketing effort to capture the attention of the homeowners. I had three farms: a high turnover/medium-priced one, a one that I could blitz regularly, and a more up-scale one where I could acquire higher-cost listings.

The great thing about farming is that you may choose whatever you want. Perhaps you enjoy the glitz and glamour of selling waterfront homes. You may also be a country lady who enjoys selling ranches. Or maybe you have a large family and like dealing with clients that want at least a five-bedroom house on the buyer’s side.

Whatever you choose can be your future farm, and you have complete control over the kind of clientele you service.

Open homes will no longer be a shambles!

One of the simplest methods for a new agent to attract clients is to attend open houses. I dare you to turn this around and focus entirely on your neighbours (who own homes in the neighbourhood and maybe considering selling!!) Most novice agents ignore the “noisy neighbours” and concentrate on the “genuine purchasers” who walk through the door.

Please make an appointment with them to take a walkthrough of their house and find out when they plan to sell (reduce that number in half when arranging your following calls!)

Please put them in a database and contact them by phone, email, or Facebook to establish a connection so that when they are ready to list, they choose you as their agent because they know, like, and trust you.

Your efforts are the most important.

When working with buyers, you are entirely at the mercy of everyone around you. You have to trust your buyers to remain with you, you have to perform showings and appointments on other people’s schedules, and you have no control over whether your buyers make lowball, unrealistic offers again and time again.

As a seller’s agent, you may be confident that all of your efforts will be directed only toward the sale of that property. You may be holding open houses, attending pitch sessions to inform other brokers about your listing, having Facebook live walkthroughs, and Instagramming adorable photographs of the house. With your passionate advertising, your efforts will directly influence how quickly that house can sell.

That is not to argue that you should force someone to buy an overpriced but attempt to have it priced correctly from the start. However, if you put out a decent effort, your sellers will enjoy it, and you will feel good about your business.

There will be no listing of emergencies.

I enjoy marketing since there are fewer “Marketing Emergencies” than “Listing Emergencies,” yet there is far less stress and anxiety than when working with purchasers. You don’t have to waste time worrying about if they’ll purchase a washer two days before or jumping up and down every time the phone rings to show another random property to someone who might or might not buy

Wrapup on Why It Is Better To Be A Listing Agent Than A Buyers Agent

Now that you’ve read it thus far, maybe you have a better understanding of why you’d like to position yourself as a listing agent rather than a buyer’s agent. Being a listing agent is a far simpler career with enormous benefits that are not available while pursuing purchasers around town.

If you want to learn more about becoming a listing agent, please check out my Real Estate Marketing Mastermind Course, which will help you get up and running quickly!


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