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A Guide to CRTZ Cargo Pants Sizing




Cargo pants can be a great addition to any wardrobe, especially when it comes to their ability to carry everything you need on the go. However, finding the perfect pair of cargo pants can be a challenge, especially with sizing. CRTZ Cargo pants are a popular option due to their durability and functionality. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about CRTZ cargo pants sizing to ensure that you get the perfect fit.

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1. Men’s vs. Women’s Sizing

The first thing to consider when it comes to CRTZ cargo pants sizing is whether you are looking for men’s or women’s pants. While both options are available, they do have different sizing charts. Women’s cargo pants tend to have a narrower waist and a shorter inseam compared to men’s pants. It’s important to measure your waist and inseam accurately to ensure that you select the right size.

2. CRTZ Sizing Chart

Once you’ve determined whether you need men’s or women’s cargo pants, you can start looking at the sizing chart for CRTZ. This chart provides measurements for waist, hip, inseam, and thigh. Take your measurements for each of these categories and compare them to the chart to determine which size is the best fit for you.

3. Consider Your Body Type

Keep in mind that the CRTZ sizing chart is a general guide, and not everyone will fit into those specific measurements. If you have wider hips or a smaller waist, you may need to size up or down accordingly. It’s important to try on different sizes to see which one is the most comfortable and provides the best fit for your body type.

4. Stretch Fabric

Another factor to keep in mind when it comes to CRTZ cargo pants sizing is that some of their pants come with stretch fabric. This can provide a more customized fit, especially if you are in between sizes. Make sure to check the product description when shopping to see if the pants you are interested in have stretch fabric or are made from a more rigid material.

5. Trying Them On

Ultimately, the best way to determine which size of CRTZ cargo pants is best for you is by trying them on. If you are shopping in-store, take the time to try on multiple sizes and styles to see which one is the most comfortable. If you are shopping online, make sure to take accurate measurements and refer to the sizing chart before making a purchase. If you receive the pants and they don’t fit quite right, most stores have a return policy that allows you to exchange them for a better fit.


Finding the perfect pair of cargo pants can be a challenge, but with the right CRTZ cargo pants sizing guide, you can ensure that you get the perfect fit. Remember to consider men’s vs. women’s sizing, refer to the CRTZ sizing chart, consider your body type, keep stretch fabric in mind, and always try on multiple sizes. With these tips, you’ll be able to confidently choose the right CRTZ cargo pants for you, ensuring both style and 

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