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Desiremovies is a platform that allows anyone to watch and download all types of movies. It is a perfect platform or website for anyone who loves to watch movies. It is a website that has all types of content which most of its users and visitors like to watch and download.

This website is streaming movies and much more to watch placed in different sections of the website. Desiremovies made it easy for everyone to watch movies and other entertainment online.

Along with movies, Desiremovies comprises games, e-books, tv shows, software, and much more. Movies and content on this website are available in many Indian and foreign languages. Not only Bollywood and Tollywood movies, but this site lets you watch Hollywood movies also.

Suppose you are also among those people who like to watch movies on their devices rather than going to theaters. Then, Desiremovies is an excellent place where you can watch and download all your desired movies, including Hollywood movies too.

Beginning of Desiremovies:


Beginning of Desiremovies


The founders of Desiremovies are said to be from the United States. Even no one knows about some of the members, like where they came from.

Desiremovies is a platform that lets a visitor access its variety of content in different languages. After the release of the movie in theaters, one can find that the search for those movies increases rapidly on this website. You can find Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, and other regional movies on this website.

About Desiremovies:

Desiremovies is an online platform or typically a website made to target the Indian audience. In India, most people prefer to watch Bollywood movies; that’s why it contains most Bollywood movies. It is made for people who cannot make their way to theaters or do not want to go to theaters to watch films.

Apart from having all Bollywood movies, this website also has many other movies such as South Indian movies, Bengali movies, Punjabi movies, Marathi movies, and Hollywood movies also. All the movies you can watch in Hindi and many other languages. Desiremovies is a film download site that uses a third-party server to allow users to watch and download movies from the download links. Its website regularly updates its content and also keeps converting its domains.

Desiremovies is an online piracy site well known for providing pirating movies, tv shows, and web series. Users of Desiremovies visit it because it keeps updating content daily. Also, it has a huge collection of movies, tv shows, and much more. Desiremovies does not require registration to watch and download movies and tv shows in HD quality. One can also choose custom filers to find what exactly you are looking for from its categorized content.

Features of Desiremovies website;


Features of Desiremovies website


  •   Desiremovies allow its users and visitors to watch and download all their desired movies on their laptop or computer or even on smartphones.
  •   One can access all its content free of cost. Yes, there is no need to pay to watch and download movies.
  •   Along with movies, you can access its tv shows, web series, and many more entertaining things completely free.
  •   It works very smoothly on the internet access. There is no trouble in watching its content.
  •   On the website of Desiremovies, you can easily access your desired content as all its content is classified into different categories.
  •   It allows you to watch and download movies in excellent video quality.
  •   Desiremovies‘ official website has a simple user interface. So, there are no difficulties in downloading movies. This hassle-free interface makes this website easy to use.

Is Desiremovies is a torrent website?

Desiremovies is a torrent website or a piracy website that allows its user to watch and download movies online. It is a printed films download site that uses a third-party server to allow its users to download and watch movies, tv shows, and much more entertainment content.

All the movies, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, and other contents of the website are uploaded using the wrong methods.

Every movie, web series, tv show on this website is uploaded and shared without the permission of the respective owners of that content. It is called theft, and in technical terms, it is called torrenting and pirating.

This is the reason you will find all the entertaining content on this website free of cost. Though people know this fact then also they choose to use Desiremovies to download movies.

Does using Desiremovies is legal in India?

Desiremovies is like a piracy site where people can watch and download movies, tv shows, and web series in desired video quality without paying money for the content. This site is providing the content which it does not produce and providing content of others that has copyright infringements that too without the copyright holder’s permission. Thus, using sites like Desiremovies is completely illegal and a criminal offense in India, and this has different punishments. The government and internet service provider has blocked this site and similar sites, so it is advised not to use Desiremovies.

As mentioned above, Desiremovies is piracy and torrenting website. And using any kind of piracy and torrenting website or online platform is completely illegal in India. According to laws or precisely copyright law, using any product or service or work of anyone without the owner’s permission is a criminal offense. Thus, downloading and watching movies from such sites is completely illegal in India and many countries.

In India, it is not a crime to visit any kind of website to watch and download movies or any other entertainment content. The only condition is it should follow the copyright laws.

Nowadays, it is very common to download movies and tv shows from the internet. Also, many websites and apps provide movies online. But there is a difference between those legal platforms and piracy sites. Content on those legal platforms is legal to use as they provide content to the public with the permission of respective owners.

Even after knowing all this information, if people keep using such piracy websites like Desiremovies, then the legal owners of the films can take legal actions against those users.

What types of content can one get on the Desiremovie website?


What types of content can one get on the Desiremovie website


Desiremovies is not like its name. The name contents movies, but this torrent platform has a variety of video content to watch and download. This website stream almost all types of movies, tv shows, web series, etc. Along with this video content, many e-books and pirated software are also available on Desiremovies.

But this website focuses on Bollywood and Indian content, which is accompanied by Hollywood content also.

One can watch and download the following things from Desiremovies:

  •   Bollywood movies
  •   Hollywood movies in English
  •   Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi
  •   Hollywood web series in English
  •   Hollywood web series dubbed in Hindi
  •   Animated movies in many languages
  •   Indian Tv shows
  •   English tv-shows
  •   Indian web series
  •   Tollywood movies
  •   South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi
  •   Punjabi movies
  •   Gujarati movies
  •   Marathi movies
  •   Bhojpuri movies
  •   Bengali movies
  •   Urdu movies
  •   Pakistani movies
  •   Indian drama series
  •   Korean dramas are dubbed in English and Hindi.
  •   Korean movies are dubbed in English and Hindi.

All these movies and tv shows you will find in different genres on Desiremovies. Instead of just providing one-track entertainment, this website will give you a complete entertainment package for free.

Here on Desiremovies, you can watch romance, drama, comedy, action, mystery, thriller, crime, science fiction, horror, sports, mythology, and much more.

How can one use Desiremovies to watch movies and other content?

  • Desiremovies is not a regular site which you can visit so easily. We know that is it a piracy movie-providing platform. These kinds of websites are banned in India. Hence, one can use this way to reach it and watch movies on that.

Ø  One can use VPN to use this website to cover IP addresses and physical addresses.

Ø  One way is to use mirror and proxy websites of Desiremovies.

Ø  Use adblocker so that it can assist you to stay far away from unnecessary pop-ups.

Ø  Do not move to download any software to access this site.

Steps to download movies from Desiremovies:

Ø  First, search for the proxy website link for Desiremovies.

Ø  Click one link to reach the main website.

Ø  There will be many options for movies and other content on the site. Find the movies or tv shows or anything that you want to download.

Ø  To make it easy, use filters available on the website.

Ø  Select the movie and the quality of the movie that you want to download.

Ø  Save the change and click the download button to proceed.

Ø  Your movies or any other show will be downloaded.

Proxy and mirror sites for Desiremovies:


Proxy and mirror sites for Desiremovies


Desiremovies is a torrent site, and it is not legal to use it. Therefore this website is banned and sometimes down.

So, if you are not able to access Desiremovies, then you can use some proxy or mirror website links to reach the website.

  •       Desiremovies.tec
  •       Desiremovies email
  •       Desiremovies.viz
  •       Desiremovies.south

Is Desiremovies safe to use or not?

Big No! Desiremovies is not at all a safe platform to use. We have already mentioned above that it is a piracy site and using any kind of piracy sites and sites is a severe crime according to laws. Using Desiremovies is not safe to use in terms of technology because using piracy sites like this one can get unwanted viruses or malware into your computer or device you are using. Malware of this kind of piracy website can easily load to your device and scatter in a short time which can corrupt your whole system. Not only is it corrupting the system, but this malware can hack your device also.

Apart from this, when you are on this website, your data from the device may be taken. Your information and device data can be given to strangers and the wrong people.

Way to unblock Desiremovies:

  •   One can use above stated proxy and mirror websites.
  •   Another way is to use VPN services which help in establishing a connection between user and website. To unblock Desiremovies, one can use these VPN services

Ø  Express VPN services

Ø  NordVPN services

Ø  tunnelBear VPN services

Ø  surfShark VPN services

Ø  cyberGhost VPN services

Ø  IPvanish VPN services

Ø  Hotspot Shield VPN services

Why are people inclined towards Desiremovies?

Nowadays, most people prefer to watch movies online. And many people tend to move towards a free platform like Desiremovies, where they can watch and download movies, tv shows, etc. Infect, people get all the movies and other content in many video qualities like 360p, 480p, 540p, HD, etc.

Apart from good quality videos, this website provides people with both vintage and newly released movies and shows. Also, it is easy to use and download movies from Desiremovies.

Another advantage people see here is this website is completely free to use.

Top legal alternatives to Desiremovies:

It is clear that Desiremovies is a torrent and piracy website to download movies, but it is illegal and technically unsafe to use.

Henceforth we advise you to go with these legal alternatives of Desiremovies. You will find some amazing content on these platforms too.

  1.   Netflix: When we talk about the best movie content, this is the best destination for all types of movies. It has a variety of movies and web shows.
  2.   Hotstar: Disney + Hotstar is an amazing platform where you can watch movies, original web series, tv serials, cartoons in many languages.
  3.   Alt Balaji: It is another platform that provides a wide range of daily soaps, web series, short films, movies, etc.

More alternatives are Voot, zee5, sony liv, MX player, amazon prime video, Jio cinema, etc.


Despite having many qualities, we can not deny the fact that Desiremovies is a piracy site. And it is illegal and unsafe to use it. So, it is better to use other legal platforms because they are completely safe to use.


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