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Glass Shower Enclosure Design




There are a huge number of high-quality and durable options for shower screens. Most often, such modern types are found: with one sash, with two sashes, sliding models. Several flaps on the one hand increase the life of the product, but take up a lot of space. Doors should open and close quietly and easily.


If the shower cabin is small, then it is best to choose a modern hanging version of the partition for it. They are easy to install, just close and do not take up much space. When choosing such a product, it is worth looking at the quality and strength of the main fasteners, the safety and durability of the purchased product largely depends on them.


Such a partition attracts with its original appearance and practicality. This option is available to every customer. The design looks solid, it is practical and has a long service life at a relatively low price.


This design option guarantees maximum tightness and practicality. The doors open very simply, they move very smoothly on special rollers. This feature helps save space in the room. If a person has a compact bathroom, then he should purchase this particular type of partition.


The modern hinged design is great for a shower located in a niche. It is installed in a special box and securely hinged. When creating a product, only high-quality and proven fittings are used. This type takes up a lot of space, but it is inexpensive, so it is considered an excellent budget solution for the bathroom.

The wall is made of extra-strong glass, which eliminates the possibility of breakage

In addition to glass options for shower room partitions, there is also a plastic type. Such products are easy to install in any room. They are distinguished by low weight, high quality, and are also available in different colors, which attracts attention.

Partitions for showers made of plastic are actively used in sports complexes, as well as swimming pools. Ease of cleaning is another undeniable advantage of the presented product.

But that’s not all: in addition to structures made of glass, plastic, there is a shower screen made of polycarbonate. This design is perfect for long and active use. Polycarbonate is considered a common and relatively inexpensive material. Usually, it is used for fencing garden and country showers organized on the site. The material is moisture resistant, as it is based on a special polymer plastic, which provides reliability and resistance to water. Sheets can be of different colors, it is thanks to this positive moment that a huge number of variations appear to embody the most daring and original solutions. All sorts of contaminants are easily and simply removed from the surface of the products.

Installation of glass structures in the shower

It is not difficult to install a glass frame partition in the bathroom – even a non-professional can handle it.

Algorithm for the manufacture of glass shower partitions:

  • Connect all structural elements, except for the doors. First, the frame is assembled, then, with the help of special clips, the glass filling elements are fixed.
  • Mark on the floor and walls the places where the false wall is fixed.
  • Drill all necessary holes for fasteners, taking into account their dimensions in diameter and depth.
  • Install a glass partition according to the markings in the bathroom. Fix it to the walls and floor with suitable hardware, such as self-tapping screws.
  • Treat joints with walls with sanitary silicone sealant.
  • Install doors and hardware.

The manufacture of glass partitions from glass blocks resembles brickwork, only it is carried out not in a checkerboard pattern, but block by block. The elements are fastened together with special glue or special fasteners.

The frameless glass partition in the bathroom is mounted on guide rails with a roller mechanism. If it has only a decorative function, you can use a non-threshold version with one or two rails mounted on the ceiling.

A bathroom with a glass shower screen looks elegant and modern and how much do shower screens cost contributes to its reliability. Partition glass structures significantly save space and visually increase its volume. But do not forget that even such unpretentious material requires regular maintenance. Then the service life of the glass partition in your bathroom will be almost endless.


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