How to Increase Your Subscribers On youtube for Free (the Real Way)

Increase Your Subscribers On youtube

If you want to earn money on YouTube, you’ll need to meet subscriber milestones. To become a YouTube Partner and start receiving ad income, you’ll require at least¬†1,000 subscribers. The further you climb on YouTube’s “advantage level” ladder, the more subscribers you have (think: awards, managers and production aid, starting when you hit 100,000 subscribers).

What if you’re more interested in using YouTube for branding and video marketing than making money? Subscribers are still required. They increase your play numbers, watch duration, and involvement, all of which are significant signals for YouTube’s algorithm.

Learn how to encourage people to click the Subscribe button on your YouTube channel and gain Free YouTube subscribers utilizing reputable tactics.

You can also watch the full video below will learn our top five YouTube-following-growth tips:

Why it’s not a good idea to acquire YouTube subscribers

We understand the desire to purchase YouTube subscribers. We’re not going to make fun of you for it.

But we’re going to break your heart: it’s not going to work. The truth is that the video makers behind the world’s most popular YouTube channels aren’t interested in dubious development strategies. They’re too preoccupied with generating amazing videos.

Let’s take a look at how “free” YouTube subscription options function first. (While remembering that nothing is truly free.) If you aren’t paying for the goods, you are the product, as the expression goes.)

You gain your “free” subscribers by following the service’s instructions and subscribing to and like other channels. Most of them need you to follow 20 channels and like a specific amount of YouTube videos. In exchange, ten additional tracks will subscribe to yours.

You’re employing yourself as a one-person click farm. It reminds me of the time we experimented with Instagram engagement pods.

After a few days, the business hopes you’ll tyre of all the clicking and opt to pay for YouTube subscribers instead. The service wins in either case: they receive your time or your money. What do you receive if you get them for free or if you have to pay for them?

Subscribers who don’t interact with the bot

This is a poor appearance for your accurate audience, who are likely to value honesty.

The danger of breaking YouTube’s phoney engagement policy (tl;dr: you could get banned)

Any brands that might want to work with you in the future may give you the stink eye.

It’s simply not worth it at the end of the day.

There is a slew of clickbait videos out there claiming to show you how to obtain 1,000 free YouTube followers. Maybe a million! Of course, if anything appears to be too good to be true, it most often is.

People searching for a quick and easy way to increase their number of subscribers watch clickbait videos. They’re simply clickbait, though. They aren’t genuine. Unless you want to chuckle, don’t spend your time.

The truth is that there isn’t a way around it. It would be best if you put forth the effort. However, there are several easy, real-world strategies you can employ right immediately to begin building a respectable YouTube following. Let’s get started.

15 methods on how to gain more YouTube Subscribers (for free).

Take a look at our guide on launching a YouTube channel if you’re just getting started. Before diving into the recommendations below, make sure you have the foundations of your channel in place.

Our recommended techniques for turning visitors into subscribers are listed below, from simplest to most complex. Could you not take on all of them at once? Try one of these suggestions for each new video you make, or one or two every week.

  1. Request that your viewers sign up for your newsletter.
  2. At the end of your video, tease what you’ll be working on next.
  3. Make sure your Google account is active.
  4. Make friends with your audience by interacting with them (a.k.a. build community)
  5. Develop successful channel branding.
  6. Include a channel trailer that is unique to you.
  7. Customize the thumbnails for your videos.
  8. Incorporate YouTube’s subscribe buttons into your videos.
  9. Consider your options in terms of playlists.
  10. Use your channel page to display your material carefully.
  11. Hold a competition
  12. Release videos regularly.
  13. Persuade your audience to switch from other social media platforms.
  14. Research keywords for titles, descriptions, and hashtags.

Collaboration with other creators is a must.


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