Sepstream PACS for Radiology: Reliable and Low-Cost Solutions | Sepstream

Sepstream PACS for Radiology: Reliable and Low-Cost Solutions | Sepstream

The healthcare industry is an ever-changing business. The need for patients to have access to the best care possible has never been greater, and this course will only proceed as time goes on. Fortunately, companies like Sepstream provide reliable and low-cost solutions in Cloud and Web-based PACS systems for diagnostic imaging and radiology for enhancing patient care.

What is PACS System, and How does it Work?

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) can store X-ray film in an electronic format which provides greater ease when it comes time to retrieve them. Rather than having film jackets spread across many different rooms or cabinets waiting patiently on their subsequent use, this new Cloud Pacs system allows you to get at your data from anywhere with just one click!

Sepstream’s Cloud PACS System:

With the help of a cloud-based Picture Archiving and Communication System (Cloud PACS), you can concentrate on patient care rather than annoying IT issues. With Sepsream’s predictable subscription for everything from deployment, support up to system updates, there are no hidden or surprise costs associated with traditional systems like in the past when these were not adequately planned out before launch!

Better yet, your anytime/anywhere access offers reliable, trusted backup archives that reduce business continuity risk should anything move wrong at any time during their implementation – all while keeping up efficiency standards thanks primarily due to its partnership with industry leaders who specialize specifically in performance medical devices & technology solutions.

Sepstream Web-based System:

To provide users with optimal care from anywhere, Sepstream’s Web-based PACS have become popular. The system’s single operating all and user interface allows physicians to deliver their best efforts in any environment without having multiple systems or databases that need managing! So, You can easily access Online images instantaneously, so you’ll never miss out on anything important happening at your practice again.

Essential Components of PACS:

One PACS for All Modalities: The Next Generation in Medical Image Management

Sepstream can handle all DICOM modalities, including MR, CT, PET scans, and more. It also works seamlessly with other non-DICOM imaging types like X-rays or fluoroscopy video clips so that you have a holistic representation of your patient’s medical history at any given moment during his journey through our clinic!

Sepstream can remove Error from Modality Worklist:

Sepstream is the software that makes it easy to produce an order for your imaging modalities. You can use SepStream with any EMR or hospital’s computer system, and we’ll automatically pull in data from there, so you don’t have to enter all those fields by hand!

With just one click on our interface, everything comes straight out of their chart- Which means no more error-prone phone calls between doctor offices trying desperately not to make mistakes when transferring orders back and forth between specialists looking.

Slipstream provides Routing Rules & Workflow:

With Sepstream, you can automate your workflow with routing rules. Share studies across organizations and locations to save time for everyone in the system! Please send them to any PACS or modalities needed based on user-defined parameters– all while avoiding paperwork by sending electronic documents instead of hard copies between departments where possible.

The next-generation medical imaging software suite from Acusign offers unparalleled efficiency when it comes to document management. This program allows users across multiple departments to collaborate effectively and allows files to be shared instantaneously without waiting days, just like emails do nowadays.

Secure, Trusted Cloud Storage:

In today’s world of digitization, it is vital to have a secure and trusted way to store your information. Sepstream has created an innovative solution that will allow you to keep all images safe from harm and make them easily accessible at any time!

The company’s cutting-edge software provides elastic cloud storage for imaging. Its users can move their files into one repository, making life much simpler when they need prior knowledge or permission on something specific relating to those pictures/videos being stored there.

EHR Order Integration:

Sepstream’s EHR Order Integration unifies patient health records and management of imaging, allowing orders involving images to be placed right from within the doctor’s office or hospital. The industry-leading solution also permits viewing scans without leaving an MRI workstation – all via one interface!

PACS and DICOM are essential to the medical field, but what do they mean?

PACS stores images such as ultrasounds or MRIs while also providing convenient access. Dicom files can be transmitted over a network socket for easy sharing across different devices, which may benefit doctors who want quick turnaround times on patient information from various sources- think about how much time we saved with our iPhones when Google Glass came out!

Sepstream is an innovative company that provides business and clinical workflow automation for medical imaging:

Flexibility is key to a successful practice. Sepstream’s cloud-based architecture means that you can distribute your site and maintain remote communication without the need for expensive network infrastructure, as well as offer seamless access from anywhere with an internet connection! You could even integrate each module into our PACS system, which will centralize all data stored in one place—saving time on back-office duties like image retrieval or transcribing medical records.

Radiology Software Solutions for Today’s Challenges that Sepstream is also providing:

Sepstream RIS:

Sepstream’s RIS is the perfect solution for radiologists looking to streamline their work and achieve better productivity.

Sepstream PACS Evolution:

Radiology workflow is about to take a new level with the all-new Sepstream PACS solution. Enhanced data security, advanced web technology, and an improved user interface will improve your productivity in Radiology today!

Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA):

Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA) – Imagine a world where all your data is available on one screen. Sepstream, an innovative vendor-neutral archiving service from Sequestrator Software Inc., will make this happen for you by putting everything in front of us quickly and easily, whether it originated as a CD report or video file.

Conclusion paragraph:

At Sepstream, we believe that PACS and radiology workflow automation should be as easy as possible. Our software is designed to streamline your workflows so you can focus on what matters most – patients’ care. We offer a free trial for our product to see how it works before making any commitments. Check out the website to learn more about Sepstream and determine if this technology would benefit your organization! URL:


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