How To Start Your YouTube Channel and Guidelines For Monetization

Start Your YouTube Channel
Start Your YouTube Channel

Everyone wants to make money from a YouTube channel. Here we go over the main points you need to know to monetize your channel and start making money from it quickly. Before we start, there are some pre-set rules for YouTube, if you follow these rules, you can start making money and get a lot of traffic from users.

Promote Youtube Video

You’ve started uploading videos; it’s time to get some subscribers. So why not start with your audience? Start promoting your youtube channel as often as possible. In the beginning, you quickly get up to 100 followers from among your people. But later, it will depend on your content, so do it accordingly. There is no shame in asking people to subscribe to your channel. Ask them to share it on all your other social networks. As soon as your channel becomes more popular, you will get organic subscribers, but again, remember to promote yourself endlessly. Alternatively, you can include the YouTube video link in comment sections on other social networks where appropriate.

How to quickly start monetizing your YouTube channel

After you sign in to YouTube with your Google account, you must have some content to upload to it. And once you have decided on your niche, you should have at least 10-15 videos related to topics from your checklist. Therefore, you need to show your audience a different audience to enjoy better watching without getting bored. Create your archive to prepare your inventory for publication.

Be patient

Those who become successful YouTubers because of their professionalism and hard work in their work. They have seen many ups and downs, and they have overcome tremendous obstacles to get to this stage. They succeeded because they had patience and faith in themselves. Those who quickly gain fame are not visible in two months. You have to be patient; sometimes, it can take months or years for your channel to develop. Make your videos professional and creative so that people in the future will also connect with you.

Follow YouTube’s guidelines for monetization

Now let’s move on to the YouTube rulebook. If you want to promote a youtube channel, you need to make sure you stick with it anyway; YouTube says: Those channels that meet their conditions will be accepted into the program. Whatever you download must be uploaded by YouTube’s policies and procedures. If your video is not intended for children, select it accordingly.

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YouTube constantly monitors your channel to see if you manage your channel according to its rules. I would recommend that you read their policies and guidelines if you want to monetize your content in the future in a positive way.


In the beginning, we explain the golden rules that you must follow anyway for your channel to monetize. You can apply for the YouTube monetization channel and start making money from it. Do not use music or video content that is copyrighted by other media. This will ruin your video as well as your channel. Most YouTubers face this problem when it comes to channel monetization.


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