Point Click Care: Services, Logins, FAQs, Detailed Guide

Major and top 4 reasons to love Point click care , Its introduction, Services, How to login, FAQs and all guidance in one article.

Point click care is North American cloud based healthcare software innovated for the cure market with a vision of helping vulnerable population for world care since last 20 years. It is located in Mississauga, Canada. It takes person-centered approach to manage regulatory complaint solutions, senior care and making the connection between health care providers and senior care continuum more easier.

In 1999 both of the brothers Mike Wessinger CEO and David Wessinger president of point click care felt the need improvement in senior care markets so they stepped into the senior care industry by following their their mothers leads and built an innovative software for the complex senior care market problems.

The first time when they introduced the software as a service delivery model (SaaS) was in 2000. It affected the company greatly and changed everything in a way that it helped the company to grow enough to become the Leading Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Even HW and Co. partnered with point click care at 2007.

We have been involved with point click care EHR software implementation in over 1000 homes nationwide

Now it has its own name and recognition. It has 1700 workers and provide its services of care including acute care and long term care to 21,000 customers or 26,000 care providers and 1300 hospitals. It has six offices in two countries.

“The long-term and post acute care sector faces a number of challenges that can only be solved with innovative technology and software solutions said by Mike wessinger.”

It is also acknowledged by the Forbes as top 100 private cloud companies and recognized as Canada’s most admired coperate culture by Waterstones human capital.

With advance technology the company is impacting millions of peoples life. Also the company has opened a new office in Waterloo with 50 software engineers to tap the company into region’s world class talent and technology and for the future they aim to add up more product developers and engineers into the 1500 person work force at downtown Toronto so that they can expand the company further. The number of the developer and engineers  might be around 100

We are confident that Toronto world class innovation ecosystem and tech talent will further strengthen point click care ability to develop meaningful solutions to meet the challenges of service care.

Moreover it has yearly revenue of $226.8 million. Point click care is committed to provide the services and the level of care and the quality to seniors according to what they deserve and it is on its way to become more and more advanced to fulfill its aims.

 Reasons to admire point click care

 There are a lot of reasons to love and admire point click care for its mind blowing an awesome services, features, and technologies. Some of them are discussed so stay tuned!

1. Organized an easy access resident records

 It makes very easy and simple to access the detailed resident records at office. It provides separate checklist and clinical record for each resident and the record contains a lot of required and necessary information including dietary needs, history of medication, care plan checklist, care instructions, demographics, point of care, etc. Further it also creates and manages tasks so that the staff can easily manage and fulfill their duty without compromising their work.

Another fact is that you can work anytime and anywhere whether you are at workplace or home or anywhere else you can access the financial or clinical records from your PC, laptop, tablet, or even mobile through the software named companion.

2. CRM module

The CRM module of point click care is built for providers as well as administrators. It helps you to provide senior care facilities in finding vacancies and developing referrals with strategic patterns. You can easily, seamlessly and quickly track occupancy and availability otherwise you have to waste a lot of time, do hard work, and lot of outreach for this purpose and achieving full occupancy weather tracking your work with the referral sources or following up with your leads.

The CRM module is actually built to keep you more organized and make your service quality more better. You have to use automated pre-admission to admit the patient as a resident so you can provide the patient quality service and care. So,  point click care will improve your residency service.

3. Business Intelligence Capability

The workers or care provider always want to save their time and want to work efficiently as fast as possible to manage everything on time and properly so the point click care is elated to offer an EHR software to solve the problem for you. It will provide you exactly same and to the point information you want at a glance. The reports are entirely customizable and easy to approach, access and understand; exactly what a staff member requests.

Furthermore you can add or delete the column and rows to print them as needed. It will save your time and avoid duplicate data entry by capturing all critical resident data quickly that can be ADLs, Vitals activity, attendance  etc. And by resident photos, recognizable scrollbars and tabs, and intuitive icons.

4. All in one platform

It has better assessment which leads to better documentation, largest network of SMF providers and technology partners leading to draw a meaningful evidence based best practices, a single platform to deliver all those services to entire customer base so that the user could use it when and wherever they need. It drives better outcomes, improves their service quality. There is one version, one solution, one platform that is better for everyone and solves many tasks and problems at a time.

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Furthermore Services Offered by Point click care

There is more to know. Here we have provided a short list of some more features and services from point click care:

  • Set up implementation, configuration SNFs, CCRCs, assisted living, retraining services for point click users.
  • Even provides the new end users training on all of the point click care modules.
  • The different modules of point click care are: Resident trust and Collections, AR/Billing admissions, intake and referral management, General IRM, General Ledger and Accounts Payable (GLAP), Point of care clinical MDS submission, Electronic medication administration, and Electronic medication.
  • It attracts and retains the best staff by giving them the best tools that allows less time to spend on documenting.
  • Improvesthe financial health by quick billing and payment processes and more accurate results.
  • Maintain the complaints very well.

How to log in

How to log in
How to log in

 If you want to log in then you have to follow the following guidelines:

  • First of all open your Internet browsers and enter the website address.
  • The website address is login. pointclickcare.com
  • At Login page enter the org prefix, a period and your username in Username field and remember not to add space between them.
  • Then enter the password in Password field.
  • Another fact that you should know is that the passwords are case dependent for example password1 is not same as Password1.
  • When done with all the process discussed above then press the “Login”
  • You will be taken to homepage of point click care.

 How to update the password

  • Your name will be provided at the upper right corner. That is your profile. Click on it then you will be shown a list. Click on the option “Edit profile”
  • “My profile setting” will pop up choose “Change password”
  • Then enter your old password and then two times new password to make sure that there you are not mistaking it and you’re don’t

Important note: You have to follow specific rules if your security administrator has set up some password rules.

You can directly update and change the password inside the point click care if you are allowed the necessary security access by your organization security administrator.

If you have any other problem related to your password you should contact your system Administrator not point click care because it does not create or reset the password.

If youre unable to access or login the Point click care user portal

If you’re unable to access the user portal of point click care you must consider and check up following things:

  • Make sure that your Internet connection is Okay. It is working and active.
  • If it is Okay then check it out that you are typing correct username and password. You can even preview it if the website has an option to crosscheck the entry.
  • If not then see the CAPS lock properly
  • Further it could also be because of VPN because some sites prevent the login procedure.
  • If not then go with “Forgot password”
  • And even if this doesn’t works then at last contact site administrator for further guidelines and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is point click care?

It is a large and complex network at north America which allows the caretakers to monitor patient’s medications, history, documentations,  residency, schedules online and on time.

 Q: Does public market exist for point click care?

No, not currently. It is not traded and public market does not exist for its common shares. Although it has applied for listing its common shares NASDAQ global market and Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol of PCLK and PCC.

 Q: Is there any app by point click care?

Yes, there is an app named Companion which gives many facility to work remotely from anywhere easily.


If you want to join point click care I think it is good decision and the reason is already discussed in the article in detail.


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